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3D Artist - Organic Modeler

As an organic modeler for Tiberian Genesis, your job would be to take our given concept art and technical specs to model assets such as vegetation, flora, fauna, humanoid figures, etc.

We would require skillsets in the following:

- Ability to use 3d manipulation / modeling programs like 3ds Max or Maya to build models
- Ability to use ZBrush and/or Mudbox to model organic structures and organisms
- Ability to retopologize high-poly model
- Ability to create UVW maps in preferred application
- Ability to create various texture maps (diffuse, normal, spec, occlusion, parallax occlusion, displacement)

As a member of the team, the following abilities are appreciated:

- Ability to work within a team environment using agile methodologies
- Ability to estimate work and meet monthly deadline
- Ability to communicate between team members in English
- Familiarity with the CryEngine3 Sandbox Editor / Tools
- Familiarity with the export tools for CryEngine3
- Self-motivated, detail oriented and organized

Bonus qualifications:

- Ability to animate and/or rig 3d models
- Familiarity with the Command and Conquer franchise and story

If you are interested, please email Desi8389 at: or click the apply button below.
Thank you,

PR and Audio Lead
Tiberian Genesis Team

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