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Posted by on Sep 30th, 2013

The Battle of the Somme symbolized the horrors of warfare in world war one. Follow orders, fight for your country, wait for the call and survive in rain soaked trenches; the call to charge over no man’s land to fight for freedom and liberation is awaiting you! Equipped with your arsenal of weaponry, make haste and overtake your enemies; watch over your brothers and god speed. This ambitious WWI FPS is being built using the Unreal Development Kit.
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Don't miss this opportunity to join our team. Here at TopHat we are pushing the boundaries of what an independent development team are capable of producing in the FPS genre. We are on the lookout for an enthusiastic and talented level designer to join our team on a royalty basis.

The successful candidate will be focused mainly on designing levels from concept through to engine, not necessarily scripting or programming. A lot of the time you will be working with the design and art guys to create visually appealing and functional levels. The main goal is to create solid multiplayer maps structured around the core mechanics of The Somme

• Preparing sketches and maps (2D & 3D),
• Prepare block outs within the engine and modify according to feedback,
• Working closely with environment and technical artists to build a library of necessary assets,
• Preparing final quality maps.

Skill & Experience
• Experience in level design with any game engine
• Experience with mapping for multiplayer first person shooters
• Strong creativity and ability to match it with detailed and exact requirements from other team members
• Experience with the Unreal Engine 3 and UnrealScript is a bonus.
• 3D modelling skills are a bonus but not entirely necessary.
• Fluent English and excellent communication skills & proven ability to work within a team.
• Deep knowledge of game industry and level design in different games.

To Apply

For the opportunity to be a part of the team please send your CV/portfolio FAO Richard Windell to

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