TopHat Game Studios was founded in early 2011 and officially registered as LTD in 2012. The developers at TopHat are from all backgrounds in the game industry and varied freelance artists.

We at TopHat Game Studios believe that the current gaming market is stale and could use fresh water. We aim to produce to games that will challenge the current standard of genres that are associated with the industry; games need fulfillment that can only be inspired by gamers themselves, the goal we want to achieve is to have the TopHat community tell us what they want, speak out and express their ideas strongly and be extremely critical towards our game; we want the 'end users' to have a vast amount of influence on the games we make, for example our Beta team consists of people who are not professional game testers, but rather the 'gamers' themselves, we believe that a true gamer will find more problems for us to fix or will have a generally more influential opinion on what should be done in certain areas of our games.

Do you want to become part of the TopHat family? Wear a TopHat, drink vast amounts of caffeine and make awesome games? Why not send us your portfolio to our email located on our website's contact page!

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