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Posted by Reusistic on

The development team behind Perisno, a total-conversion fantasy mod for the action role-playing game Mount & Blade: Warband.

We're currently working on overhauling our ModDB page, and I have personally been working on customizing the CSS of the page with some assistance of another team member. In order to go through with an all new fresh-looking ModDB page, we're currently in need of the following things:

- Two preview images (1024x768)
One for the preview images of downloads, and another for the mod itself.

- A profile header image (950x150)
The profile header at the top of the page.

- An icon (64x64 or so)

If anyone is capable of assisting us with the above graphics, that'd be very much appreciated. Further information and details will be given once a suitable applicant has been found. It'd be preferred if the artist would agree on working for free, as we are all voluntarily working on the mod in our freetime, and are working without a budget.

If we are satisfied with your work, we do have a second request, which may or may not be a bit bigger than what I've requested so far. If you agree on assisting us with that, we will discuss a donation for the work.

Link to mod page:

- Reus,
Perisno PR & Web Editor

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