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Posted by jamsterx1 on Feb 11th, 2013


We are Infernix Games, an indie team of 9 people. We are currently working on a medieval fantasy RPG titled Pulse of the Storm. To round us out, we are looking for a concept artist.

Your job would be to draw images detailing each location in the game and its objects and structures, based on descriptions given by the designers. These concept images would then be used by the modellers to base the in-game graphics on. You would also be given enough freedom to create your own style within the concept art.

We are looking for someone who will work for free, but with the necessary will and motivation to help keep the workflow going. As most of us are college students, we are prepared to account for prior commitments, but we do expect a good amount of loyalty to the project and the willingness to work hard to finish it.

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If this sounds like a job for you or you wish to know more about the project, send a portfolio or show reel to alternatively you can add me on skype (Jamsterx1).

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