Established in 2011, Infernix Games is an independent video game development group consisting of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

Simple and fun game concepts have always been an important part of the team's design philosophy. With ambition and a strong game concept, Infernix is currently working on its first game, a medieval fantasy RPG called Pulse of the Storm. The game's unique take on the typical RPG control scheme will serve as the game's lasting mark on the genre.

Team List:

Jamie Massey - Designer & Founder
Kiron Pubben - Designer & Music Composer
Benjamin Bias - Programmer
Bruno L├╝ders - Programmer
Melissa Manlutac - Concept Artist
Kai Xie - Concept Artist
Kim Jacobsen - 3D Artist
Gediminas Bublys - 3D Artist
Anders Volander - 3D Artist

Current Projects

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ive got to agree with shrikeGFX i am a 3D modeller and texturer i was gonna replay to the job ad but there was not much to se yet (i am not sure what i am gonna work on)

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Hi guys, I just want to say that im a possible 3D and 2D artist, but I Really dont want to help a cat in a bag. You really should show a bit of your game, else people wont be interested :P

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Latest tweets from @infernixgames

Concept Artist? 3D Artist? Texture Artist? If you can do art contact us!

Oct 31 2012

Are you an aspiring 3D Artist? then check out our Ad on indieDB

Jul 23 2012

Hey guys! Why don't you check out our IndieDB page? :)

Jul 21 2012

We are now looking for 3D modelers/animators for characters and environment. Send a direct message or add us on Skype at blaataap92

Sep 20 2011

RT @ThunderPX: Don't forget to tell your friends about "Carnival of Monsters"! #LunaRay #CarnivalOfMonsters

Sep 11 2011

Check out "Carnival of Monsters," the new album by our very own music guy Kiron Pubben: #LunaRay #CarnivalofMonsters

Sep 10 2011

RT @ThunderPX: Carnival of Monsters is available RIGHT NOW! #LunaRay #CarnivalOfMonsters

Sep 10 2011

Ah, cleaned out those crappy YouTube tweets. Now you can actually read about interesting things we do, like, er...

Aug 27 2011 Sweet livestream :P

Jun 23 2011

Anyone here that's a concept artist!? Need help fast!

Jun 23 2011

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