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Jul 27 2011 Anchor

im working on my first sc fi horror book called sovo.
im new to making books i worked on my up coming game story mass wars and working a prequel for the game
i would like some tips.
heres a little bit of the story of sovo
I wake up in a hall way, cold and with no one near me. I get up and I'm by a window, I look out the window and say: where am I. I see nothing but space rocks and stars. I turn away from the window and I see this huge hulking creature right in my face, it picks me up with one hand and gets ready to cut me in half with the other. i closed my eyes hoping it was all dream but when I open them I realize its not a dream. boom!!!! it stabs me with its other hand. I fall down dead.
so tell what u think and what i can do to improve

Aug 9 2011 Anchor

Add more descriptions of the surroundings - and also describe how your character is FEELING while all this is going on.

Aug 9 2011 Anchor

alright thx

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