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Akalonor Atheist Admin
Sep 23 2011 Anchor

Note, these are all additions to the general rules, aswell as the rules of common sense.

1-Make no assumptions based on someone's declared beliefs, every being is a different individual and should be treated as such.
2-Double check your post before submitting.
3-Make sure it is Void of racism and sexism.
4- Be cautious with your wording so others can not use it against you.
5-Be sure there is no insulting content.
6-Do not irectly insult a God!
7-All references to history, literature, science, &c must be correct or close to being so.( this is to prevent falsification and maintain a respectable and knowledgable community)
8- Know the entire story of a debate, jumping in off of the last comment is just plain dumb.
9- Incomplete knowledge shouldn't be used in an argument, similar to #7.
10- Remember that we are all to behave as peaceful humans with a respect for even the weakest, youngest, and strangest.

This set is subject to change and is not the sole set of rules you must abide by!

Feel free to recommend additions. (Anyone of any belonging can.)

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