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This is the Banshee unit profile. credits to Starfox100 and ik008 for helping me.

Posted by playmsbk on Feb 7th, 2010

Desigantion: F\B-42
Affiliation: Nod
Role: Anti-armor, Anti-air, Anti-structure
Armament: Plasma Batteries
Type: Fighter\Bomber
Speed: Very High


The Banshee was one of Nod's greatest accomplishments in the field of war technology during the Second Tiberium War, built using data found in the Tacitus as well as a crashed Alien spaceship. It was an excellent bomber and field support aircraft, however, it was too late to change the outcome of the war and all the data was lost in the aftermath. However, CABAL had kept data of the Banshee's plans and quickly deployed them against the GDI-Nod alliance. As the Crisis ended, all clues of the Banshee's existence were lost, and the aircraft was forgotten by everyone.

After the destruction of Temple Prime during the Third Tiberium War, the Brotherhood stood in disarray. An order from an unknown source lead to the discovery of a CABAL base, which held the plans to an advanced version of the Banshee. Quickly the prototypes were moved to Australia and the Banshee became part of the Brotherhood's arsenal. Only the best of pilots were allowed to use them because of their complex construction and controls, but that only served to help the Banshee's notoriety as a fast and highly effective aircraft. The new avionics allowed the Banshee to dogfight, and a new kind of Tiberium Fuel gave the Banshee a boost to its speed. What was noticable was the Banshee's resemblance to the Scrin Stormrider, but it proved much superior in battle, creating arrogance among the pilots, but their faith was as great as their skills, and if proved otherwise, the Brotherhood knew how to take care of traitors.

"...And if you are quallified enough, you'll have the honour to pilot one of Kane's most advanced weapons, the Banshee. Having the speed of a jet, the armor of a medium tank and the firepower of 3 Vertigos combined, makes that state-of-the-art aircraft a fearsome weapon. While you are driving this vehicle you'll have a lot of things to do. Your main goal will be to destroy everything using as less plasma as possible. The Banshee also comes armed with Enchased Avionocs which enable you to dogfight with enemy aircraft or take down other flying targets. Remember this. Hit fast, hit accurately, hit Mammoths...
Peace Through Power"

-A "The Brotherhood's Wings"'s Training Officer talking to newbies about the Banshee-

The Flying Assassin
The Banshee can kill almost anything on the ground using its Plasma shells. It can be a bomber and a convoy chaser in one. Even Mammoth Mk2's can die by their attacks. Maybe, the only unit protected by their plasma is infantry but even they die if they aren't moving. Its only disadvantage is that it has to return to an Air Tower in order to fuel their Tiberium Batteries again.

Human and Alien Technology are One
The Banshee uses antigravity technology of Alien origin, making it a highly versatile air unit. However, the Brotherhood installed afterburners using Tiberium fuel to it, giving it an extreme boost in speed for a short time, but enough to get away from any chasers and making it a great example of how Nod can blend human and alien technology.

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triadbanger07 Feb 8 2010 says:

why didnt the mk 2 fight back at all? that just aint fair... :-(

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Starfox100 Feb 8 2010 says:

i put it to hold fire.. its just shows its able to defeat a MK.2 easily if you use a few banshees.. because thats we're they are mad for.. killing epic's and structures.

more to come

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nose-bLeed Feb 9 2010 replied:

banshee the epic

+1 vote     reply to comment
Starfox100 Feb 10 2010 replied:

thats maybe a reason that NOD dont need an epic on there side... they got already a few units to take them all out.

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codeblue666 Feb 8 2010 says:

good job like the sound

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Smallchange Feb 9 2010 says:


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█Black/Brunez█ Mar 12 2010 says:

Awesome job!

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MaverikCH Dec 12 2010 says:

hm, i miss the tibsun speech sound. hope to find it in future releases ;)

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Oaks Oct 14 2012 says:

Oh maan,that map is beautiful.And that airfield doodad with white shuttle in red circle is awesome.Want that map.xd
Seems like NOD must be really glad for that "unknown source order" :D
Maybe add a video showing off the afterburner ability in action.
That Orca were like "da faq!?" ,even didnt managed to activate minigun.
GDI dont have much counters for them,eh?

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Carnius Oct 15 2012 says:

Im glad you guys continue on these vids, even when you have to remade several unit profiles because new models, its really cool. And im also very happy that snow textures for WB comes handy, this map looks very nice ;)

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