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Assault Mothership unit profile. You'll find some pretty usefull stuff there. Credits to Starfox100 and ik008 for helping me tape the video. (I don't think you'll find ik008 on modDB)

Posted by playmsbk on Jan 23rd, 2010

Designation: Super Heavy Assault Ship
Affiliation: Scrin

Role: Anti-vehicle, Anti-structure, Anti-aircraft
Armament: 2 Dual Anti-matter Cannons, Stormrider Fleet
Type: Epic Unit
Speed: Very Slow


The Scrin fleet firstly was thought to be consisted only by Drone Ships, but that was only what the humans could see...
Behind the Drone Ships, out of the Ion Cannon's sight, a terrifying number of spacecraft was waiting the signal for the attack. Namely Stormriders, Devastator Warships, Planetery Assault Carriers, Planet Killer Motherships and finally, the most fearsome of all, Assault Motherships.

The first Assault Mothership was teleported in the former German Blue Zone during the GDI retalliation attack on Bren. The GDI soldiers were terryfied when they saw an Assault Mothership attacking after the destruction of one other Planet Killer Mothership.

According to a GDI InOps intelligence entry, it uses two twin super heavy anti-matter turrets and is used as an aircraft carrier too. It's also said that it has the abillity to spawn ion storms that do not attack Alien forces but only human targets. There is also evidence that their anti-gravity generators are that powerful that even when the ship is destroyed, the generators keep working and the main body stays on the air for some seconds until it falls and damages everything on the ground.

Carnius's interview:

-Reporter: "How did you come up with the Assault Mothership?"

-Carnius: "Where i get assault mothership? Well that is long story. The basic idea was about to add scrin a really big capital ship which represents scrin's might, to create something between battleship and aircraft carrier, something people can respect when they see it on the battlefield and want to get it under their command, want to play with it.

It starts with the first concept for the Conqueror, it was a big tripod with a big head, actually it looked like head on 3 legs, kinda funny when I recall it. After some testing i realized it's not good, not at all, so I scratched that and started with the new concept which you can now see in game. I didn't have any idea how the mothership should look like. Then, I recalled my old asset for the Conqueror and I realized that its head could used as a model for the mothership. I changed something there, something here, added cannons, which was not so easily done, there were several configurations, there was three turret version and even version with turrets on top side, but i was not comfortable with that, they all looked weird so I finally chose the version we get in game now which also comes with hangar bay for stormriders on bottom side. I also wanted that she get some unique alien weapon so I came up with this anti-matter weapons, which blast resulting wild reaction of matter and antimatter in target area, so I played with various particle effects until i get something what matched this idea. Finally there was need to create a good looking death animation so the players get satisfaction when they destroy it. It took me a while, but at the end we got quite impressive unit which brings lots of fun, or at least I hope it do so."

Flying Fortress
The Assault Mothership is the biggest and most powerful aircraft unit in the battlefield. It also serves a role as an epic for the scrin. It has enough armor, firepower and stormrider aid to take down a base or a strike force by itself.
Red Zone Weather Condition Generators
The Assault Mothership has the abillity, like Planetery Assault Carriers and Mantas, to spawn ion storms on the battlefield for its own advantage. Ion Storms heal Scrin aircraft, attack enemy forces and improve the combat effectiveness of some Alien air units.

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 24 2010 says:

whoah ! this is epic :D

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Smallchange Jan 24 2010 says:


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Nietschechen Jan 24 2010 says:

Truly EPIC!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
shinmg92 Jan 24 2010 says:

i LUV this unit!

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Yanivvv Jan 25 2010 says:


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Starfox100 Jan 25 2010 says:

more to come.. :)

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Cjslayer16 Feb 1 2010 says:

holy cow is all i can say ! :O crazy man just epicly amazingly crazy! :P

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GooberTrooper Jul 21 2010 says:

Planet Killer Mothership Sounds kind of... Nerdish I Dunno... Maybe Static Mothership since it becomes a Static target when it fires fire. Anyways Great unit Profile! Should give me a Good Reason to try out scrin!

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Oaks Mar 7 2011 says:

Maybe the next unit will be( sorry for vulgarism that is incoming,children do not read this)Mother ****** Vaporizer,or somethin' like that.xd.Assault Mothership.That is the reason why you should build up your AA capabilities.With PAC's and their easily earned veterancy it becomes totaly invincible combo.Give us the longer range upgrade for example for MLRS,Invisible tank,Looted pitbull.

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