We are the inheritors of the galaxy and loyal servants to the Emperor. Born from chaos and war, the Empire is the beacon of light in the dark and shelters all. We are order through law, we are security through courage, we are justice through honor and we will reign a thousand years. We are the sons of the Galactic Empire.

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Sith Scorpion
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Created through the use of Sith Alchemy, this Scorpion is capable of surviving the vacuum of space. It enters ships in pods through their waste dumps and upon hatching, the scorpions scurry around ships, injecting crew members with a toxic venom. In some cases the victim will die. However, there have been several occurrences where test subjects have been mutated as sith zombie-like ferals. Their skin will slowly change red, teeth give way to fangs, nails to claws, and develop physical abilities abnormal for the victim's normal attributes. Studies continue to discover why this happens in some instances as opposed to death.

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