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Nelson-Class Carrier (view original)

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20 Triple Medium Turbo Laser Cannons

Hanger Capacity: 15 Squadrons (9 Fighter Squadrons, 6 Bomber Squadrons)

Hull: Strong
Shields: Weak-Medium
Speed: Slow-Medium

The Nelson-Class Carrier fills two vital roles in the Federation Fleet. Its main purpose is, as the name suggests, to act as the Federation Carrier, deploying Fighters and Bombers into battle to support the other ships. It does this thanks to a huge hanger, covering nearly two thirds of the ship. There is no wall inside the ship to divide the hanger, and so it could be compared to one, very long hole in the ship. The hanger has intense shielding, designed to protect it from enemy fire. Hanger doors can come down in mere instants, thanks to clever engineering.

The second role of the Nelson-Class Carrier is to defend the flanks of the fleet from enemy attack. The carriers are nearly always situated on the right, left and rear flank, protecting the Tigon Battleships from any flanking attacks.

It has 20 triple medium turbo laser cannons. This is a large amount for a simple carrier, and it reduces engine and shield effectiveness. However, only 10 of those cannons should fire at one time, unless the enemy is attacking both sides of the Nelson. Thus cannons not facing the enemy are put on minimal power, and that extra power can boost the shields, other cannons or engines.

The hangers work in about the same way. The hanger entrance facing the enemy is sealed off using the thick hanger doors. This means that one side of the ship, the side facing the enemy, is active and well defended, however the side facing away from the enemy isn't, with reduced shielding, weapon power and hanger doors open.

This isn't always a problem, though. The ships have (or should have), as mentioned before, only one flank facing the enemy. A typical way to place the Nelsons is to arrange them in a rectangle around the fleet, the front being occupied by the Tigons and flanks protected by the Nelsons.