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Poll: Which mod? (26 votes)
What will our FOC mod be on (Groups : THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC : Forum : GR thread : What will our FOC mod be on) Locked
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Mar 14 2011, 2:42pm Anchor

heres the choice, vote, vote vote
In case anybodies wondering why I have the power to do this, let me tell you positions around the starwars fan groups on moddb
I am the senator of the republic, An honorary wookie by merit, second mandalorian advisor, and bounty hunter of the empire.
I have the power to create a tourney wiht just about any body which is what I am doing.

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Mar 14 2011, 3:03pm Anchor

Could somebody please tell me what the acronyms stand for.. the only one i know is Rise of the Mandos ;/

Mar 14 2011, 3:55pm Anchor

Haha verd'ika,
ROTC = Return of the Clones
AEM = Absolute Enhancement
AGD = A Galaxy Divided
ROTM = Rise of the Mandalorians (FOC)
ACM = Absolute Corruption (Like enhancement but for FOC)

Note: AEM and AGD are only for EAW the others are either both or one, oh Bardan you should have added ROTCL.

Mar 14 2011, 6:00pm Anchor

ACM- 2.4 Will win, because it is the best mod ever, next to RAW anyway.

Mar 14 2011, 6:03pm Anchor

also we will have a tourney when RAW comes out

Mar 15 2011, 4:03am Anchor

Barden what game? FOC or EAW? you've listed some mods that cannot play on the other game.

Mar 15 2011, 7:45am Anchor

I meant forces of corruption, I stated it in my tourney proposal, tell me what to remove and what to add then

actualy both, although I can only play FOC till I get home

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