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Feb 3 2011 Anchor

This is the Republic Navy. We specialize in Space battles. As Republic at War draws near, and if the team and I can figure out The Clone Wars online, we will have massive space tornaments. In order to defeat the CIS, we need a strong navy with seasoned veterans. So, please sign up below to fill in a position.

Admiral- One of the main leaders of our navy. In command of 2 captians. We report to the Grand Jedi Master and the Supreme Chancellor. Battle experience required to join the admiral rank.

Captian- Officer in command of 4 Lieutenants. Report to the Admirals, Grand Jedi Master, and the Supreme Chancellor. Some Battle experience required to join the captian rank.

Lieutenant- Junior officer in command of 6 Ensigns. Report to the Captains, Admirals, Grand jedi Master, and the Supreme Chancellor. Little Battle experience required to join the lieutenant rank.

Ensign-Junior officer and the backbone of our navy. Report to Lieutenants, Captians, Admirals, Grand Jedi Master, and the Supreme Chancellor. No Battle experience required.

Each rank has signifigance, as we are all one large team part of an even larger team. The Admirals will work with the commanding staff and the Senators to set up tornaments with opposing groups, such as the CIS, and issue the orders down the command chain. They can also take part in battles, if they wish. The rank system also sets up the top players and the new players, providing chances to advance your game. Also, this is just for fun.

Give me some of your experiences below and what position you think you can handle.

Admiral DS-181-36

Feb 22 2011 Anchor

Awesome...people report to me!

I am the Grand Jedi master btw...

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