We are an Empire ruled by the majority! An Empire ruled by a new Constitution! An Empire of laws, not of politicians! An Empire devoted to the preservation of a just society. Of a safe and secure society! We are an Empire that will stand for ten thousand years!" We are a group that believes in those words. We are the group that is loyal to the Emperor! So if you like the Empire you see in the movies then join here, "For a safe and secure society!" Our Emperor is Palpatine.

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The official diplomatic status of The First Galactic Empire within moddb of course.

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The First Galactic Empire

Our allies and our enemy's are decided through what we feel needs to be done throughout the galaxy Order, Peace and Security Thus our enemy's would not take too our ideals and have become a real inconvenience that will be dealt with swiftly.

Al-tho we are not alone in our struggle to preserve our way of life we do have allies that also see our way of life as just and true even if our motives are not exactly the same.

All factions do have a common ground to speak their mind, The Imperial/Republic Senate (Moddb.com )

Our allies and brothers and sisters in arms: Sith Empire, Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), The Galactic Republic (some of our brothers still have yet to realize their potential)

Neutrals: Mandalorians ( our long lost brothers in arms)

Our Enemy's dastardly people they are: The Rebel Alliance (rebel scum), The New Galactic Empire ( some of our people have forgotten our ways and what we stand for), Jedi Order (those rebellious jedi), Zann Corporation ( common thugs )

The First Galactic Empire A safe and secure society for all ages:


The CIS approves of our alliance.

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Well I have to say not all Jedi are that bad! I understand that the only way to rule a galaxy in peace and justice is to have an emporer! I am the first free Jedi that will join the Empire ... but I have to say not everything about the dark side is bad as you can see the empire is the strongest army in the galaxy!

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All Jedi are Evil, All Hail Palpatine!

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what about the imperial remnant , they are allied with the jedi

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