As a Korean Anti-communist, but yet a Syrian Government supporter, I often contradict myself. Sometimes I think about the ills of society, like why do people care more about celebrities than actual heroes and world leaders, why do soldiers get paid less than sports players, why do kids care more about social lives than education, why do people not care about History? What is wrong with society!? What is the solution to the problem? As someone who was in a Military for a long time, I believe that most problems can be solved through military force, Is that weird, yes, for us who live in the entitlement, "do what ever I want generation", but when I was born, Military force ruled my nation and It was better. (From Korea, Live in US)

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NorthKoreanWehrmacht Jan 26 2014 says:

You are a member of the Israel group yet you support the Syrian government? That doesn't make any sense.

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ParkChungHeeFan Creator
ParkChungHeeFan Feb 9 2014 replied:

As I said, the Syrian government is supportable because they fight aganist the terrorists in the nation. Israel does the same by fighting the PLO (who are terrorists) (Yasser Arafat should have been executed for the murder of innocent Israelis and others) and Hamas.

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DukeOfJudea Jan 29 2014 replied:

It's rather than the "heroes" "rebels" or what their true name is al qauida terrorists who is using the status to gain controll.

+1 vote     reply to comment
NorthKoreanWehrmacht Jan 26 2014 says:

Your political compass implies that you are either a fascist or a Nazi. I'm a Nazi also and anti communist but, I believe North Korea is the Fourth Reich and successor to the Third Reich. You seem to prefer South Korea but, North Korea is more fascist.

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ParkChungHeeFan Creator
ParkChungHeeFan Feb 9 2014 replied:

I am actually very anti-fascist due to the inherent rascism of the ideology. It is useless. I strongly believe in the equality of people, it is you who decides what you are, not your race and gender. I hate communism because of what I saw on the DMZ, not some idiotic Jewish conspiracy to make a big Israel. People like you stain the ideas of the right. I support Israel becase it has a right to exist, A jewish state for these formerly opressed people who now can be productive on their own lands. I support the Syrian Government because they fight aganist terrorism and they are secular. North Korea needs to be destroyed and all of those who were involved be executed like the criminals they are!

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NorthKoreanWehrmacht Feb 11 2014 replied:

Far right and authoritarian are the definition of fascism. Fascism is not racist, Nazism is fascism with racial ideals. I'm anti-communist as well and I support North Korea or, as I like to call it, The Fourth Reich or the Korean Reich. Why do you support the Syrian government and Israel when Syria doesn't like Israel? I thought we could friends because we both have far right beliefs but, it has turn out that our political views despite being far right our actually very different. I support Al-Assad.

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OminousSpudd Aug 18 2013 says:

Very interesting bio you have there. Although it worked in the past, the Roman Empire for example, the Senate was but a puppet to the highest bidder, he who controlled the Legions actually controlled the Empire. This worked well for a long time, giving the people an illusion of power but in actuality only doing what was seen fit in the eye's of military and economic strategists. But today? Well the Roman Empire fell due to corruption from within. The corruption they fell to is even more substantial today than it ever was. If the "keys" so to speak were given to our military leaders and economists we'd be in World War III within a matter of weeks.
I'd propose to first clear out the corruption with the mob, take the media, report the truth and watch the domino effect upon the rest of the world. Whether the government newly installed was quasi-authoritarian or not would be decided at the time. Normally after a revolt or revolution the newly installed power is heavily authoritarian/conservative, (see the French Revolution) and was changed steadily in the immediate years after the event.
Russia has what is considered a more Right-wing slanted government, yet the populace are more loyal to their country than ever, and not in a North Korea kind of way.

Anyways that's my opinion, if you like it that's great! If you dislike it that's all good as well.

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ParkChungHeeFan Creator
ParkChungHeeFan Aug 21 2013 replied:

I like it. I love hearing other opinions on what I say, I am very political (as you can tell), but not in the average way, I actually think the military serves (or should serve) a big role in politics to preserve the founding basis of a nation, like in Turkey and Egypt.

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OminousSpudd Aug 25 2013 replied:

I'm happy to see you're one of the few that actually supports the Syrian Government.
Call me a conspiracy theorist but I'm pretty damn sure this whole civil war thing is another US oil grab stunt.
I read somewhere that something like 2/3rds of the populace of Syria still support their current government.

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ParkChungHeeFan Creator
ParkChungHeeFan Aug 26 2013 replied:

I don't think it is a US oil grab (Syria doesn't have much), I think the US supports the FSA because they want favour with the Saudis. The Saudis will support Islamist causes, putting our current government in a position to either to against the Saudis (Higher oil prices) or with them (lower oil prices).

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OminousSpudd Aug 26 2013 replied:

I was talking to a friend who had met with a certain someone of high-calibre within a certain organisation that we all know quite well. He was of trustworthy reputation and said that the entire occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan had been about securing and building a certain pipeline under US jurisdiction through the Middle East, and Syria had been the next country in the path of the pipeline. Only problem? Russia is doing practically exactly the same thing, but a bit more diplomatically. These pipelines are set to hand a complete monopoly on Middle Eastern oil to either country who secures it first. The gravity of what is happening is more tremendous than we realise. These projects are assets that will literally pour billions into government coffers.
I know I may really be sounding like a twaddled conspiracy theorist now, but I tell you, this information was from a pretty undeniable source.

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ParkChungHeeFan Creator
ParkChungHeeFan Aug 31 2013 replied:

We don't need to go through Syria, Turkey and Iraq can do it.

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