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Thought this month had only one news article? Think again space adventurer!

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EDIT: Rearranged the trailer components

Hello space adventurer, here I come humbly to you with the current trailer progress:

Current Trailer

The current missing trailer pieces are(still plenty to do):

  • Rest of the exploration system, including combat
  • Specific menus for some skills
  • New space map and space combat
  • Spaceship customization
  • City view(should be done soon)
  • Campaign setup menu(should be done soon)
  • Animated art for the spider officer, crazy scientist and the vampire representative.

As for the new character creation you may ask: "Where are all those customization options?!", I must confess I'm actually not even sure if the character creation before the game itself will be necessary anymore, lets see how this goes. Why? Because now you will customize most of your character details and looks during gameplay itself, it will be more dynamic.

New Game Cover

I also noticed its was time to update the game cover to reflect the new idea of your alter-ego growing up, at first I thought of showing the 3 main ages of the default protagonist at the cover, but it ended up being more good looking showing just the first main age(it gives space to also show the background), I then animated it, because as I like to say "if it can be animated, do it".

Other Thoughts

I hope you don't think I forget some previously feedback given by you, who is interested in the project, like for example:

  • It was suggested changing the true character creation music, it will be done eventually
  • At first someone thought the psionic girl npc was a boy with girl clothing, it was not the intention, but the idea is interesting enough to maybe be used in the future for other non playable character
  • Someone thought the "molecular" info graphic I did was actually a game menu, saying he found it interesting, I may be able to fit the idea somewhere at the game menus because others also had the same opinion when asked about.

The experiments on character animation go on, it cannot be noticed at the images, but I changed the way the animations for mouth and eyes are made, I guess it gave the best balance of being easy to make and being without texture distortions.

I have categorized again the game genre to visual novel, because of two things:

  • The change from 3D to 2.5D for characters and the game overall current style
  • RPG, simulation and puzzle are just components which together make the game style, but the visual novel graphic aspect is something fully present through all the game.

The Questverse project also got beyond the 100 subscriptions mark at indiedb, and at steam the numbers also keep increasing(although at a slower rate as usual), I must ask you to forgive me as I currently have no "goal achieved" art, but worry not; I will make it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot people, please keep spreading the word about the project.

As a final note, make no mistake, Lua Games is a studio of one person only, it is not a team of people; I think it is actually more beautiful that way, to show the amount of effort I'm putting on this project for so long, hoping to deliver an interesting game to you(and to me of course).



Thanks for your visit space adventurer! Questverse can only happen with your help. If you liked this project you can contribute by doing one or more of the following points:

  • Liking and sharing the game facebook, IndieDB or Steam Concepts
  • Overall constructive criticism about the project
  • Letting me know of places which could like the game
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