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Final gui system layout, revision of previous scenes code, editor improvements and further thoughts. Feel welcome space adventurer.

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Hello again space adventures! I will try my best in avoiding this text to be too long, as there is plenty for us to talk. Ready? Then let's go...

What is the status on Steam?

While I was doing my public relations I more than doubled our positive feedback, but as soon as I stopped it to work on my game week ago the data remained still. Steam Concepts isn't very visited, and Steam is know to have a public more interested in action games; I consider which the results are excellent for now though.

Steam Status 28 October

A new Questverse logo

Quite some time ago I presented to you two variants of the current logo for you to vote which one was better, the results led me to pick the middle option, which remembers a magnifying glass, something related to the game focus on investigating the solution of a quest(with a bit of combat sometimes).

Questverse Vectorized TitlesMain menu October 2013

The new logo didn't got very visible though at the main menu scene, I will have to fix that later. I also prepared an animated steam cover for my game, something which will surely improve Questverse visibility compared to all the other games which don't have an animated cover.

Steam Animated Cover

The game will now be split into two stand-alone versions, called "Dark' and "Light", at the first you will play only with a nightkin and the game will have specific content for them, the second version will be the opposite. I did so because I do not have any budget to develop a game containing both races and contents at once. The dark version demo will be the first to come, the light version and the full dark version will only come if I succeed on my kickstarter.

Ah yes, and the kickstarter?

I like to say I'm someone who like to "eat the project by its borders", the current game progress and overall situation aren't giving me confidence to do the kickstarter in November, so I will postpone it to 2014 march or may. I have already updated the site counter to reflect that. The later I do this kickstarter the better, but the risks increase with time, as I have a deadline to make Questverse pay off.

The game editor

Editor Status October 2013Editor Status 2 October 2013
Editor Status 3 October 2013

After many months of coding at the game gui system I believe I now have reached the final layout for it, the result is a gui code easy to use yet powerful, built around the concept of a gui data bank. The main, graphics and input code is quite advanced too. That doesn't mean I will not change them anymore, that only mean I will change them less, giving me more time to other game related things.

State of game code October 28

I already adapted the init, videos and main menu codes to use the final gui system, the character creation scene will require me to finish the editor first.

Things I want to highlight:

  • Confirmation menu for when you click 'new scene' or 'exit' at the editor
  • A save scene menu which currently only saves to .qed, the editor format
  • Editor save scene and load scene again functional
  • The walls which may obstruct your view now are replaced by a floor marking, rotating the camera automatically detects such wall objects. These walls are shown normally at the 'fps' camera view mode.

Things I must do soon:

  • Detect when an object is below the mouse to create a mouse based interface
  • Make a .qed file be able to contain multiple scenes
  • Make the camera 'roof' view mode work, so we can finally add roofs.
  • Code the feature of event boxes, which will define what happens where, how and when at Questverse.exe

I'm thinking of making the editor available to everyone at the game complete version(which will be paid), before I planned to have it only for myself and maybe for backers who had contributed a certain amount to the game kickstarter.


Time for the project surely shrinks at the last months of each year, but you bet I made the time I have count.

Thanks for your visit space adventurer! Questverse can only happen with your help. If you liked this project you can contribute by doing one or more of the following points:

  • Liking/following and sharing the game facebook and twitter
  • Talking about the project to those who might be interested
  • Overall constructive criticism about grammar or other game/site related things
  • Letting me know of places which could like the game
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