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Praxis's personal fleet, funded by Auricom. A work in progress....

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The Ragnarok
One of Praxis's most prominent creations, the Ragnarok is one of the largest and most powerful warships ever built. Its heavily armed, built to take on entire enemy fleets on its own and lead ally fleets to victory. The ship is powered by a Dark Energy reactor, the only one of its kind in this galaxy. The reactor can produce almost infinite amounts of energy, but this extraordinary output is only limited by the technology its used to power. In emergency situations, the Ragnarok can switch to full output and overcharge its weapons and shields to devastate an enemy fleet. However, its power grid can only take the strain for so long before the massive amount of energy being channeled can cause damage to the ship itself. The unique nature of the "dark energy" that fuels the reactor gives the Ragnarok an additional ability. When switched to full output, the reactor creates a sort of invisible field around the Ragnarok as a side effect of the enormous amounts of power being produced at such a fast rate. This "bubble" disperses mass shadows, the phenomena that prevents hyperspace travel, which is useful in situations where the dreadnought might be outnumbered and caught in an interdiction field, or nearby friendlies might also be at risk of being destroyed. The ship is also equipped with an on board AI named Overlord.


Bellator-class Battlecruiser
Bellator-class Battlecruiser
Intimidator-class Star Destroyer
Intimidator-class Star Destroyer

Intimidator-class Star Destroyer


Procursurator-class FrigateProcursurator-class Frigate

Procursator-class Frigate

Vigil-class fast attack frigateVigil

Vigil-class Corvette

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