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Group Decision for a Sonic mod called Sonic: Source, and a bit o news about it.

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Hey to All Members!
We have decided to start Developing a Mod called Sonic: Source, and we need all the modders we can get, It can't just have 2 modders (JakG123 and lightwave) or we will have to lay waste to this project, thank you for your support if you decide to help, after all, there is more strength in numbers.

On another note, Sonic Unleashed is great! (for anyone who doesn't know) If you play it and you would like to chat to us here at Sonic Fans, just feel free too!

Sonic: Source mod should be up and running soon, but only if we get more modding voulenteers!

Good luck Sonic Fans!

Retroredux Creator

I'll up for the job, I can do Concept, and story, and maybe a little bit of mapping if I can get better at it. Steam ID's Mike_The_Hedgehog.

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lightwave Creator

Steam ID blackyoshi. already on the project and voluntary presenter of the Sonic: Source Mod. it's great to have you aboard! ^_^

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BlackSonic Creator

what about helping me too

I'm making a Half-Life 1 Sonic MOD

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I wanna help!

But for animations and and models/objects, I have to be supplied with AC3D Full Version, and BVHacker.

(no, for the last time, bvhacker isn't a freaking hack program!)

(bvhacker and AC3D are the only programs I know how to use.)

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i'd be happy to help, but i can only map as of right now (and I am not perfect yet)

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I would love to be part of a project like this!
I can help with textures, I use photoshop. Im not a professional but I can do really good things, always making my own way throug it xD
And I don't like to say something is finished until every detail is done.
I can do a little of web development, I can send you a website I made some years ago (in spanish) with a simple hosting.
Also, Im going to learn 3D modeling with Blender.
But you'll have to wait 'til I clean (physically) my PC and install Windows 7.
Steam id: alex_longclaw
Email: alexlongclaw@gmail.com

Edit: Oh, and I can hand draw too.

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I played Sonic Unleashed, I actually beat it it's so awesome!! The best one on the PS2!

Oh, and as for the mod, I would like to be a beta tester. ._.

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