Join the Social Modding Club where we plan events to play some of the great mods of our time, both old and new. The goal of this group is to allow members to easily plan and schedule events for gamers to play together. and Desura allow anyone to easily find, download, install, and update mods. This is the perfect place to setup a group with a forum that pulls gamers together so we can all enjoy the fruits of everyone's labor. My hope is that this will allow gamers to experience some of the amazing online mods that don't always have a large user base. I plan to have regularly scheduled events to keep this group active and a forum that will support users posting their own events or requests for gaming. Please join the group and enjoy the pleasures of playing mods with friends!

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Jan 4 2010 Anchor

Games to add

Warcraft 3
Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth (All)
Dawn of War 1/2
Age of Mythology
Command and Conquer (Series)
Stronghold (2 and legends)
Sins of a Solar Empire

Farcry 1/2
Battlefield 2, 2142, (1943 is only for PS3 & 360 soon for PC)
Neverwinter Nights 2
Half life
Gary's Mod
(More to be added)

Online - "for those who want to find other people in the group who play"
Guild Wars
World of Warcraft
Warhammer Online
(FREE MMO'S) - too many to mention list goes forever


Jan 5 2010 Anchor

ok really dont just add every game u ever played that u liked to this thread because the aim of this group (if im not mistaken) is to play the games and MODS that are on MODDB not all those games that cost money ;) ! We want to play games that everyone can get there hands on quickly to download! most of the mods on moddb are mods of the most popular games on the market. Almost all people on moddb have 90% of the games that are required to play all the mods that are on MODDB! So only add games that either come from MODDB(INDIE) or are the very popular games that people mod on MODDB! :)

Ok Half Life, Garry's mod, farcry1/2 and the MMO's are perfect suggestions :) but the rest......

Jan 5 2010 Anchor

Thanks for the suggestions!
Yeah I have to find a good balance between offering many mods in the forums for users to post requests for while also not cluttering the forums up too much.
It is a hard line to walk and one that I figure I will walk slowly and with the gamers' feedback as my guide. I'll add some of the mods mentioned but will probably save the retail games for another section or another forum. Since this group is really to allow gamers to play some of the online mods that don't have huge user bases, most of the retail games still have a decent user base :)

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