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I'm a noob at DF. Halp plawks? (Groups : Slaves to Alcohol: Dwarf Fortress Fanpage : Forum : Fortress Mode Discussion : I'm a noob at DF. Halp plawks?) Post Reply
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GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 3 2012, 12:12pm Anchor

So yeah. Pretty self explanatory.

I have occasionally played DF and I think it's pretty good.But I have no idea how most of this works.

Anyone else who either struggles to get to grips with the game or has some sort of tutorial for us noobies feel free to post on this thread!

Zainiax Beerzerker
Sep 3 2012, 3:17pm Anchor

Captain Duck is the best guy to teach you how to play DF, but if you don't like video tutorials you can always play and use wiki as a help.



Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 3 2012, 6:59pm Anchor

Beware, wall of text ahead:

I am a Wiki man, 100%. You can access it whenever you want, and you don't have to find some random time in an hour-long tutorial. The best way to learn how to play, aside from just straight up reading the Wiki for a week or so in your spare time (like I did before playing), is to just experiment. The Arena option helps with that. There is also an old tutorial on the Wiki called Bentgirder, but I think it uses an old version of DF (version 0.31). Here's a link to the Tutorial page on the Wiki:

If you want to know what's going on, I'd suggest a tileset (I use the Mayday set). I'd also suggest you play the most recent version of DF without minecarts; things get crazy with that and add a lot of learning curve. This leaves you with version 0.34.07, which is the version I still use. You can download them wherever you can find them, but here is a link to my Dropbox with my own version, Mayday set installed: My download has everything in one place, including a program called SoundSense. It's an excellent program that lets you actually hear when events (such as combat) go down on your map; you'll miss a lot of events without it. You just open it before you start playing DF for it to work--I highly recommend it. Decreases the gradient of the learning cliff significantly. Soundsense can use an update, but it isn't necessary. I will explain how to update it now just in case you want to have it.

1. Open the program. It will ask you to find and save the location of
your Dwarf Fortress gamelog.txt file. SoundSense "listens" to this file
to play appropriate sounds as the game progresses.

2. Open the SoundSense folder and find the configuration.xml file. It
can be opened and edited in Notepad or Wordpad. This is where you will
change the website address for updating. Just paste this current,
updated address over the old one (you'll find it, it's not a big file):

3. Start SoundSense's auto update. It's one of like 4 tabs on the interface.

4. Once it's updated, just leave SoundSense running in the background
and open up DF. You'll want to mute the DF sounds so you can hear the
program's music and sound files.

I'll shoot you a few links here that you might find helpful, but I just assumed you wanted help with Fortress Mode and not Adventure Mode. If you're looking for more info about Adventure Mode, I'll try my best to help, even though I'm not as familiar with it. I will play more Adventure Mode when the next update comes out, because Toady is making a huge Adventure Mode overhaul. DF Wiki, Main Page DF Wiki, Fortress Quickstart Guide Captain Duck DF 2012 Video Tutorial, Episode 1

Ok brother, you should be pretty set! Let me know if you have more questions about anything. Dwarf Fortress can be pretty intimidating, and I don't mind helping out in the slightest. Also, if you want to start a community fort, we can do that--it might be helpful for learning, and we might have FUN! doing it.

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lalorobot Marksdwarf
Sep 3 2012, 9:00pm Anchor

You are totally right Kamin the wiki is the way to go, I recomend using the quickstart tutorial :)

GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 4 2012, 4:16am Anchor

I tried the quickstart tutorial and got a wee bit confused and I use Lazy newb pack which is really handy for me cuz it comes with some graphical packs.

Thanks for all the input!

Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 4 2012, 5:08pm Anchor

LNP is never a bad call, and it includes SoundSense (as well as Dwarf Therapist, which I don't use).

Pogovampire Servant of Armok
Sep 4 2012, 7:05pm Anchor

I learned how to play dwarf fortress the hard way. Every day i learn something new.


User Posted Image

Nov 3 2012, 2:58pm Anchor

well - what those above said : ). I did both (watched a lot of videos and read a lot on the wiki). For me it's like 'watch a video to get an idea, play (and fail) a game to know what all is about, watch some more and then start playing. Then use the wiki to get specific answers to a question'.
An often given peace of advice is: take it slowly. Just learn some things at a time and perhaps just start over (if you feel you "messed up" or were "too slow").
If you want to go 'all the way' you can check out on this article (are links allowed here? Kinda advertising... if not, sorry!): w w w /2012/06/ dwarf-fortress-the-game-that-takes-a-238- page-illustrated-technical-manual-to-learn/ (I see, allowed yes - for me, no ; )
Live often and prosper!

Kamin Drunken Master
Nov 5 2012, 2:23am Anchor

Hahaha, thanks a lot for that link! I read it once a few months back, but it's definitely very useful, if not just an interesting read.

Pogovampire Servant of Armok
Nov 6 2012, 5:32pm Anchor

I would never play dwarf fortress without soundsense and therapist, personally.


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