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Anyone up for some Forum Roleplays? (Groups : Slaves to Alcohol: Dwarf Fortress Fanpage : Forum : Other Games : Anyone up for some Forum Roleplays?) Locked
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GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 18 2012 Anchor

I was wondering if anyone was up for some forum roleplays of some sort.

I was thinking perhaps one were each player is in control of a faction maybe based on italian city states or Fortresses from DF

or maybe

Something more like Adventurer mode mixed with Warhammer fantasy/D&D etc


Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 18 2012 Anchor

I'd be down to clown. I'm always up for anything. There are tons of forum RPs on Bay 12, too, so we could always take our Desura folks over there to ball if that was something people wanted to do!

GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 19 2012 Anchor

My friend and I are part of a small roleplay forum community woss-name and we could also get people over to there if they were interested.

Currently there are two Post-Apocalypse Roleplays and one World of Warcraft one-

Zainiax Beerzerker
Sep 20 2012 Anchor

I have played PnP (Pen and Paper) D&D 3.5 edition for 3 years. I once tried FARPing, and got very excited. Too bad that my group didn't like that and it stopped quickly :(
Just tell me and I'm in!



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