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macIomhair2 Admin
Jul 7 2011 Anchor

We want to gage reaction to the idea of a game championship between members of the Sith and the Jedi. But before we do, we need to know where you play.

Are you a PC Gamer? Or a Xbox gamer? or a PS3 gamer?

Let us know below.

I'm hoping to sort you into groups to take on each other.

(this is only for fun so lets try and keep it civil)

We will sort out games later. For the moment it is only the platform you play on the most.

Please also note that it is not just Star Wars games. It can be any game.

Johnyboy1{S1TH} That special emperor
Jul 7 2011 Anchor

out of all those platforms i only have one


-Joanthan Spann a.k.a DarthJohnyboy1

Jul 7 2011 Anchor

I suggest EaW as the game to play on. It is a very good game and features both a side for the Jedi and one for the Sith. If not, then maybe Republic Commando?

AK151 The Epic Ninja Lawyer Paperboy
Jul 7 2011 Anchor

Star Wars Battlefront 2? Maybe with the BFX mod? Also, I love how many votes PS3 has. Because it's GOT NO INTERNET ANYMORE!!! HAHA! Anyone? *Crickets chirping* Ah screw you guys.


If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to kill me... well, I wouldn't really have that much, to be honest.

Jul 7 2011 Anchor

id be cool with either pc or 360

Ten10dix Your Darkest NightMare...
Jul 7 2011 Anchor

I agree with the EaW suggestion. Maybe we could play RaW to, though I`m having problems getting it to work online...


Think of your darkest Nightmare, think of the thing you never dare to even pronounce it`s name. Think of something so dark, so cunning, so powerful that one look can make grown men weep. Think of the creature in the corner of your eye, the thing you never dare look at, the thing you fear the most.
Think of the thing that comes out of the Shadows to feast on your darkest fears.

I am all these things. And so much more...

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