A group dedicated to writing SF stories set in Star Wars universe, with potential for cross-universe plots.

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Youtube.com - Hain's Theme

Name: Hain

Rank: Agent, Veteran Level, of the Bloodshade Clan, and personal advisor to Queen Niyel.

Age: 25 years old.

Personality scale - LOGICAL (1) / INSTINCTIVE (10): **7**

Disposition: As an Agent, trained to blend-in and be inconspicous in his behavior, Hane had learned to be adaptable and difficult to read to a casual observer. In general, he demonstrates a brisk, efficient personality, coupled with biting, emotional sarcasm, especially pronounced when he has to deal with the arrogance of most Nightsisters. However, he is an expert actor, and can easily act out different mindsets and attitudes, to deceive and mislead those he is talking to. Deep down, however, he loathes the Nightsister society, and Forceusers in general, and the general state of affairs on Dathomir, all of which he keeps carefully hidden, of course. His brilliant successes in the various reconnaissance and information-gathering missions have caught the attention of the leader of the Bloodshade clan, who made him her personal advisor.

Favourite Saying: "Combine the Force, savage mindset, and a precocious attitude and what do you get? A Nightsister. Well... at least that makes them predictable!"

Alignment: Lawful Evil

ATTRIBUTES (45max - Tier 5 - Advanced Non-Forceuser):

Strength - 7
Perception - 7
Endurance - 8
Charisma - 5
Intelligence - 5
Agility - 7
Luck - 6


1. Anti-Forceuser mental conditioning, able to resist all forms of mental manipulation as well as life-drain effects, as per his training as an Agent.
2. Balanced combat training, marksman-rated with most small arms, as well as proficient in HtH/melee combat.

WEAPONS (5 max.):

1. Suppressed slugthrower SMG.
2. A standard vibroblade.
3. IR googles.
4. A pair of smokecover grenades.

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