This is a group for all people that love Project Zomboid. (you don't say! :D) Here you can post your adventures, help other people, make friends, etc. Later when the Co-op function multiplayer is introduced we could probably even join arms and DIE together ;)

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Hey you guys! I wanna ask you for a favor. Please read this message for me, thanks!

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Hey guys!

No there's no update to PZ yet,
But I have the... Nothing. I got absolutely NOTHING to post!
And that's where you come in! I want you *shows uncle-sam-like poster starring me*
To send me messages regarding YOUR activity in PZ! So if you post video's make art
or wahtever else you would like to show to this group, give me a nudge.

I know you might think: "he's desperate." and, you know what? I am! I want to make this group big!
I wanna see Zomboid becoming big! So if you can send me your stuff! Because I'm too busy with school :L
But than again so might you be! So don't feel too obliged to send something in!



Will there be an update to this game?

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Yeah there will, it's currently in it's Alpha version and it will be released in sporadic periodic updates just like minecraft is. Even after the full game is released there should be more updates. One of those will be multiplayer so yeah, no sign as to when, but there will be eventually :)

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Well hello everyone i joined the fan group yesterday.
My name is Argyris i'm 26 and i live in NL.
I wont upload any videos.sorry :)
From my activities in PZ i tried playing as claustrophobic.agoraphobic/brave.Strong
Well it doesn't work!My character was panicked all the time no matter how much t-blokers id take.
Also i got bitten but didn't get zombified!
That zombie chose to bite me in the groin (damn im sexy)
Well anyway i discarted that character and will start anew although i'm waiting for the farming/campfire and bigger map update then i think the game will have more playabillity.
This game looks very promising especially with multiplayer coming along
Would be nice if we could build our fort and guard it against hordes of undead and sneaky looters!
What i would like to see from the game is books and/or skills that will affect you in game like:engineering/crafting/hunting/electronics.
E.g engineer can make/repair fridges armor?Hunter to skin animals/make clothes procces hides meat and so on...
Anyway see you later guys have fun and dont get bitten!

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