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Steve Jobs R.I.P.
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He was an extraordinary case of success, he started off from nothing and with his great mind he helped to make Pixar the great success it is now and he created Apple which has helped to forward technology(even if basically everything they sell is extremely overpriced). Plus he was basically a hippy CEO so that really isn't representative of what anyone who knows anything about Steve Jobs thinks really.

I hate Apple, but I liked the guy.

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Well, he started from the bottom, and finished it in the top. Somebody who did something for the success.

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The prospectors of the Wall Street not dirty homeless commies, they the people who lost their home, their jobs and their lives thanks to the rich, and insatiable bankers.
Are the Greece people homeless commies too because their country sold their lives, and they not happy with it? This is not about capitalism, its the question of life.

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CommanderDG Author

Your wrong actually, it a question of choice. I quote: "the people who who lost their home, their jobs and their lives thanks to the rich, and insatiable bankers."
This is silly. The bankers do not purposely destroy life of other people, it is their sources of revenue after all. However, if you borrow so much money that you can't even afford to pay the interest, it is your fault not the bankers.

Greece is in debt because it population was not paying the tax, and the government was spending like there was no tomorrow when they adopted the euro as a currency. That is why there are on the edge of defaulting. BBC said: Public spending soared and public sector wages practically doubled in the past decade.

Furthermore, they might not be happy, but they are responsible for evading the taxes. But you are right, this is not a problem in the system, the problem are the humans.

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Really? In a country where the people are not paying taxes become poor? Man I live in a country, Hungary, where the government taxes the taxes, we have 25% tax rate for everything. Plus taxes on alcohol, cigar, fat food, salty food, plus taxes for fat people, electricity, you had to pay when you visit the doctor, pay in a hospital, plus taxes to nearly everything, if you get your degree, you have to pay the cost of the education with interest. And where these huge amount of money goes? To the politicians swiss bank account. Where I know that? The Hungarian media is full with peculation scandals. The most famous is the BKV-one. Miklos Hagyo and his "friends" get 24 million Ft, "premium" in Nokia boxes (about 12 000$) per month, or the Kings city, much more milliard "business", with the cooperation of the prime-minister, who is free and made a new party yesterday, and these are the peak of the iceberg.
Or just look Italy. Berluscony is accused by more than hundred crimes, but he don't goes to the court.
So the main problem is the huge corruption plus the extreme high crime rate. They should be arrested, but they have the power to avoid it, unlike in normal countries where they put the governors to cell if needed. I forgot to mention our little orange king, whose media law prevents to publicate every bad report from the country. If somebody tries to it, the party is stigmatize him as a NAZI. So who don't likes the government, its called a Nazi here. :)
I don't have a problem with the capitalism, this was was ended to the age of the feudalism, but the corrupt leaders kills it spirit here. We had problems with the communism too, but nobody saw a real one without dictators.

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About the banks are forgotten to mention its legal to give up to 500% interest here, and most starving poor are take a loan, because they don't have other choose, but if they don't pay (and how they can?) the maffia styled brutal guys go and take everything from them. Again, this is legal here.

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CommanderDG Author

Oh I didn't meant quite that. Of course there is an optimal tax rate, the government shouldn't tax too much either. Here in Canada it depends in which province you live in but in Ontario specifically the tax rate is 13%. I think this is reasonable. 25% tax rate however, is outrageous. Although it depends how they spend it too. In your case it seems the money is not well spent but I would need to see a spreadsheet of the budget which your country is using to make rational affirmation. But the thing is why doesn't someone honest run up for election? Of course politician and honesty doesn't go together usually but I am sure than some are less worse than others. If the people keep doing the same mistake, the cause is as I said, the product of human errors. In any case, of course there is corruption,but generally speaking, especially in America, we have a lot of organizations which do the clean up.

"So who don't likes the government, its called a Nazi here. :)"
That is interesting =P. Well I can see in your situation the bankers are fraudulent but isn't the case for Greece thought.Unless you have further evidence...

Wow! 500% of interest, they're milking the cow to the breaking point =). Why don't you borrow from foreign bank? This won't last, I don't see how it can.

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CommanderDG Author

"About the banks are forgotten to mention its legal to give up to 500% interest here, and most starving poor are take a loan, because they don't have other choose, but if they don't pay (and how they can?) the mafia styled brutal guys go and take everything from them. Again, this is legal here. "
I pity them, but this is far from being the reality everywhere. And again, my grandfather's family(father of mine, I don't know on my mother's side) were a family of farmers. They were poor(especially considering the fact that this was in the 1930's), they farm have been attacked by burglars few times and despite that they never took a loan from the bank. He end up to be a success and he's now a psychiatrist(He never borrowed a single cents from the bank). So whatever is your economic status at birth, I believe it is possible to improve it without loans.

In conclusion, sure there is corruption but people shouldn't blame capitalism for it because there can be corruption as much in a communist nation as there would be in a capitalist nation. Also, about the protesters in wall street, they were people who were either lazy or bankrupt by their own faults.

In addition, by curiosity how much is the cost by kw-h in your country?
Here in Ontario it just soared because of Dalton McStupid's environmental energy project which consist of paying the ones(which I don't blame them for doing it, after it is a free country) who resell their extra electricity produced from solar panel to the electricity company(hydro-one) the extravagant amount of 80 cents the kilowatt-hour. While it isn't the vast majority of our power production(59% nuclear) the electricity cost jumped from 4 cents to almost 11 cents now at peak times.

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Yuribeard7 Creator

I have something to add. What about Bill Gates? The man is filthy rich, yet he donates 90% of his income to charities and other things. If capitalism was all about profit and greed then this statement would also be untrue.

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CommanderDG Author

Thank you for the very good example yuri, I forgot that one =).

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The funny thing is: if capitalism was only about making money, why would he continue to work to his death when he was already rich and fighting cancer?

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