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Halo Revived News Report 5
Halo Revived

Halo Revived News Report 5

Dec 17, 2010 Halo Revived 4 comments

Here I tell you guys some not so surprising things. *IMPORTANT*

Halo Revived: *Sketch*  +10 xp.
Halo Revived

Halo Revived: *Sketch* +10 xp.

Dec 15, 2010 Halo Revived 16 comments

In this news report I ask for suggestions and sketches from the community. I also explain what we are up to otherwise.

Halo Revived: Scanner Issues
Halo Revived

Halo Revived: Scanner Issues

Dec 8, 2010 Halo Revived 6 comments

Problems with the scanner are prohibiting me from computerizing my sketches and concept art.

Halo Revived: Back in Business
Halo Revived

Halo Revived: Back in Business

Nov 27, 2010 Halo Revived 0 comments

Happy Thanksgiving! I also have some news for you guys!

First News Report
Halo Revived

First News Report

Nov 22, 2010 Halo Revived 0 comments

Currently modeling in 3DS Max. Texturing in Paint Shop Pro 8+9. We have one of the fin models done and we should have the picture in the images.

Nov 21, 2010
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