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So i have a few problems with the rule that you can only literally command your faction.

My first problem is the one im facing in Baikonur because in real life, Kazakhstani QR forces would surround that facility very quickly if something happened, and Spetsnaz WOULD be ordered to respond to the situation because they have actually trained for such an operation.

So my point is that, Because of that rule i cant have the QR forces help me in the assault on the facility. Now What Ori said in response was that he could command them but whats the point of a guy commanding both the attacking and defending forces.. Wheres the logic in that?

My suggestion, is that the rule be you can only command Allied, meaning allied with your country, troops that are near or going to be near your forces or helping them out. Meaning you cant order a missile fired against China from Japan just because a squad of Jap troops is helping your men.

I think that this is more fair until at least we get more members, what do you all think?

Ori im not trying to be a dick or anything i just want to actually enjoy this rp as much as you do this time, but this is the only rule i have aproblem with.