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Sep 1 2008, 2:56pm Anchor

In this thread you can write all news you can find about the new Stargate series.
by the way only real news, no speculations!!!

Stargate Universe is set on board a massive Ancient ship called the Destiny, millions of years older than even the city of Atlantis . The Ancients launched the automated ship millions of years ago to seed Stargates throughout many galaxies, with a second ship planned to follow it up and explore those planets. But they got busy with ascension, and never followed through on the plan.

Earth discovers that the Stargate's mysterious ninth chevron can be utilized to gate directly to the Ancient ship, opening up literally the whole universe to explore. But the team will soon discover that they have no way back to Earth, and must ride the ship on its programmed course

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Sep 3 2008, 11:15pm Anchor

well that's new to me i had no idea that it was going to be like that


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Sep 4 2008, 12:34pm Anchor

If you Don't belive me, , read for your self.

Sep 23 2008, 8:44pm Anchor

What I want to know is what the hell is powering these Ancient ships, Project Arcturus would have provided them with an inexhaustible power source, but that wasn't developed until the Ancients war with the Wraith.  Zero Point Modules (ZPM's) have a finite power source, I wonder how the writers are going to get around that one.  Unless these ships, since they are automated, can create their own ZPM's when required.  Maybe they will write come type of andriod into the storyline, one that maintains the ship and create power modules when needed.

There are new concept art images posted on Sci-Fi Wire, check it out.

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Nov 22 2009, 7:49am Anchor

marauder well there is the soler power :L

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