The title explains it all but this group is a fan group for the Video Games Mass Effect 1 (ME1), Mass Effect 2 (ME2), and Mass Effect 3 (ME3). This is the place to post images, videos and news about the Mass Effect Universe, comics and games.

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Wolf186 Jun 28 2012 says:

You know what, this gives me a reason to start a new game. And this time none of the options seem bullshitish! :)

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Ori`verda Jun 28 2012 replied:

Me too, but who here is mad enough to start from ME1 on the hardest difficulty?... *Raises hand.*

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Wolf186 Jun 28 2012 replied:

I would but I have a ps3. :( What I wouldn't give to have my old 360 again.

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Sanguinius Jun 28 2012 says:

Lol before i started the video i was thinking ahh another ******** review, but wait, this guy looks calm and knowledgeable. But the moment i started the video he starts yelling xD.

Anyway great review, he answered all the questions i had. I won't be installing the game again, i'll just watch the new endings on Youtube and imagine it's me playing. I still expect Liara and i to have blue babies :P

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Omar007 Jun 28 2012 says:

Must.. not.. watch..
Still have to play the DLC ending :P

/Marked for later watching ^^

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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 28 2012 replied:


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ComradeWinston Author
ComradeWinston Jun 28 2012 replied:

This review doesn't have spoilers, it's generally an overview of what was fixed.

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lamaking65 Jun 28 2012 says:

Does anyone else think that the reject or destroy endings will become canon for the later installments into the mass effect universe?

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gr13v0u5 Aug 3 2012 says:

Despite what BioWare might say, I don't believe it's their fault the pre-DLC endings lacked so much closure. I blame it on the f***ing money-hungry bastards at EA, and I have reasons for that.

Back in the days when the success for the first Command & Conquer game went KA-BOOM and the second game Tiberian Sun was in the works, EA rushed Westwood Studios to release it too soon, relying entirely on the success of the first to fill their pockets as much as possible. It resulted in a half-finished game that was, nevertheless, slightly better than its predecessor, but could have been hugely improved had it been given more production time.

And it wouldn't surprise me if the same happened for Mass Effect 3, despite what BioWare is saying to avoid getting their ***** fired.

So, f**k you, BioWare? HELL NO. F**k you, EA.

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Original Ending Review

More of his Game & Movie Reviews

Jun 27th, 2012
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