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War of the Silmarils gets its own ModDB page. Huzzah!

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Hello and welcome to the home of War of the Silmarils on ModDB! Over the coming months, I shall post news and media on this page as development continues.

War of the Silmarils is a submod for Third Age: Total War which aims to bring the wars of Beleriand into the Total War engine. It has been in development since April 2010, and will feature a number of new and unique factions, a new campaign map covering all the lands west of the Blue Mountains in the First Age of Middle-earth, not to mention all the ancillaries, buildings and other features that come bundled in any total conversion.

War of the Silmarils takes place at a time many thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings, a time when Men had just awakened and mighty Elven kingdoms dominated the west of Middle-earth. A time when the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, threatened all from his stronghold of Angband far to the North, and a time of war. Set amidst a grand tale of theft, exile, blood-curdling oaths and terrible wars, as recounted in Tolkien's Silmarillion, War of the Silmarils lets you take command of one of the many factions vying for power in Beleriand, and fight for the future of Middle-earth.

The Team:

The Factions:


  • Falathrim
  • Kingdom of Doriath
  • Laiquendi of Ossiriand


  • House of Fingolfin
  • House of Finarfin
  • Sons of Fëanor
  • Gondolin


  • House of Hador
  • Haladin of Brethil


  • People of Bór
  • People of Ulfang


  • Naugrim

Creatures of Melkor

  • Morgoth
  • Sauron


If you'd like to help us promote our mod, we have a few sigs that you're welcome to use on any forums you frequent, made by Squeaks, our talented modeller, and, it seems, part-time 2D artist.

The team is based over at twcenter, so please visit our thread at where you can see far more information on the mod, concept art and screenshots of our map and units, as well as a full preview of Gondolin.

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LOTRuler Creator

Great I really want to see a movie by peter Jackson about this story. anyone red the book??

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KaiserMacCleg Author

Of course! :D If you're planning to pick it up, though, you should know its nothing like LOTR. It isn't really a novel at all - more a creation myth and a history book bundled together. You could think of it as Middle-earth's Bible. ;)

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LOTRuler Creator

Yeah I red it :p. it took some time but it was worth it ;).

Reply Good karma+3 votes
KaiserMacCleg Author

Ah, right. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :P

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I read it three times. Only then I understood it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Awsomely EPPPIICCCCC!!!!! :D :D :D

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Is it coming soon ? 'Cause i'm a great fan on the 1st âge. But, what are the Eastern and Northrend limits of the map ?

I hope the Eldars Generals will be truly immortals, not as Third âge total war where Elrond die at 125 years old.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

been a while since ive seen any news on this one i hope its still going......probably greatest mod everrrr

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Hello guys i have also read the book but i don t have the chapter: Fall of Gondolin... And i want someone to help me find it if it is possible in greek...

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