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Started working on a new perk for the mod, and came up with the idea of a ChemBug (sort of an offshoot of a friend's development).

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Well, here it is. After a long hiatus, I have come back from the dead and have come up with a new idea for the Killing Floor mod. I got the idea from a close friend/developer who initiated the MUTATOR. The name of the mutator is CHEMBUG. It is a new perk that involves the player to enhance his/her abilities to deal CHEMICAL damage. The weapon of choice is what I called the CHEMICALTHROWER. And it uses SULFURIC ACID canister as ammo.

See picture below of the perk ICON:

And check out the ammo purchase from the trader:

And the CODE for the new perk is as below:

// ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
// DATE: September 9, 2012, Sunday -- Made changes to this CHEMBUG perk.
// ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Class KFVetChemistry extends KFVeterancyTypes

 /*   I avoid using these global type comment markers because they can result in an error "defaultproperties not found" if you don't press
return above and below them (as per Wiki and my experience)... 
Anyways, more hacky guesswork shite.  Not sure if the 2001 chemkills will register... we'll see. EDIT: it does, and
working fine, phew, but 1000 instead....
A Friend=> 

// ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
// DATE: September 9, 2012, Sunday -- Can EDIT this requirement to UNLOCK the CHEMISTRY perk.
// ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

//conditions to obtain perk
static function bool QualityFor( KFPlayerStats Other )
	Return (Other.FlameKills>=1000);
//reload speed for chemicalthrower 1.3 times faster
static function float GetReloadSpeedModifier( KFWeapon Other )
	if (ChemicalThrower(Other) != None)
		Return 1.3;
	return 1.0;

//reduce damage
static function int ReduceDamage( KFPawn Injured, KFMonster DamageTaker, int InDamage, class<DamageType> DmgType )
	if (DmgType == class'GamePlay.Burned')
		return float(InDamage) * 0.25; // 95% reduced fire damage
	// any other damage 15% reduced
	return float (InDamage) * 0.45;

static function int AddDamage( KFMonster Injured, KFPawn DamageTaker, int InDamage, class<DamageType> DmgType )
	if( DmgType==Class'DamTypeFlamethrower' || DmgType==Class'Molotov' || DmgType==Class'DamTypeSingle' || DmgType==Class'DamTypeM10Mac' || DmgType==Class'DamTypeMP5A' || DmgType==Class'DamTypeBD3008MG')
		Return InDamage*1.5;
	Return InDamage;

//player movement speed
static function float GetMovementSpeedModifier()
	Return 1.05;

//add extra ammo
static function float AddExtraAmmoFor( Class<Ammunition> AmmoType )
	if( AmmoType==Class'FlameAmmo' || AmmoType==Class'MolotovAmmo')
		Return 1.75;  
	return 1.0;

     VeterancyDescription="|CHEMISTRY|| +25% increased damage with FlameThrower Sulfuric Acid Pistol M10 MP3008 and MP5 |+ 75% max ammo for Flamethrower and Sulfuric Acid| Greatly reduced fire damage|Flamethrower faster reloading |Movement speed increase"

Okay. That's it for now. Will keep you updated.

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