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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

Yow guys!

Firstly I'd like to thank you for the invite to the group. It's an excellent idea to get irish-specific mods into one sort of reference so they're easy to find. So thanks for that!

Secondly, I wanted to make a small post about some video tutorials I've been creating:

(My post on
Hey guys,

I've decided that I wanna do a large section of video tutorials to help out the mapping community. I've only started on the series, but as I had did a low profile version of these tutorials, people like how I went in depth and created a "First Room" tutorial that explained what optimization was, how to use the vertex manipulation tool, apply decals and props in the correct locations, and how to avoid another box room map.

I will be uploading a new tutorial every few days, and I have currently uploaded one, (second one is exporting from Camtasia as we speak) If you guys could give me as much input as possible, and/or a few suggestions as to what you would like to be tought in Hammer, that would be great. For now, I only have the:

1 - Installing Source SDK and
2 - Hammer User Interface

videos created. I have been using hammer the last few years, and I would just like to contribute to the community what it has given me. If at all possible, please note that I have aimed this tutorials at beginners, and I hope that they are sufficient in teaching at least a few people.

Link to tutorials: <!-- m --><!-- m -->

Thanks guys,

Apr 18 2009 Anchor

I just subscribed to you there, this is actually pretty useful for me even though I don't do mapping. It's pretty interesting to see what mapping is actually like, it always helps working with people when you have an idea of what they are actually doing.

Thanks a million man, keep up the great tutorials!

Apr 18 2009 Anchor

xD thank you very much for the kind words revere,
And yeah, sometimes it's best to know what the other members of a team are working on and how their workflow is.
It means that you know what's actually possible for the mapper to do. It's like ordering a mapper in your team to create
a nuclear explosion with lightning bolts everywhere, when that's probably a programmer's job or modeler's job.

I dunno if I'm explaining myself correctly.. Anyway,

Apr 19 2009 Anchor

I get what you mean though, I think tutorials like this are great for team leaders to help organise the team properly.

Apr 25 2009 Anchor

Hey guys,

Just dropping you a line saying that after my format I had created another 6 tutorials today,
Two of which I uploaded, and four I will upload tomorrow.

Stay tuned,

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