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Apr 17 2009 Anchor

Would anyone be interested in perhaps making a mod?

Throw up suggestions here on any points, throw idea's you may have etc.

Personnally I would love to do a story driven mod, such as an rpg but more action based. Any suggestions what would be a good game to do this on? People seem to mention HL2 alot [I've only played the first]. I would like a game where you have a world map though, and can upgrade characters.

Alot of possibilities out there!

Apr 20 2009 Anchor

I'd love to see an Irish team getting together and making an Irish themed mod! I say go for it! :)

I'd love to help with something like this but unfortunately all my time is being sucked up with the SG mod atm, (The present map I'm working on is a pain in the ass) But maybe I'll have some free time in the future. We'll see how it goes tho. Until then, such a project would have my support 100%! Go for it! ;)

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Apr 25 2009 Anchor

Personally what I think is,

Revere you have esentially created a large group of members that have talents. You can essential offer up an idea for a modification created
solely by irish people. I personally would demand a Horror Modification with a complex storyline and awesome music to be created, but that's
just me.. I've always had a thing for horrors.

Your idea of having a world map, and upgrading characters. Within a few hours, these two ideas can be accomplished on the HL2 Engine, you
can even make it a third-person game, without much effort.

But anyway, yeah, I hope a mod team does get created due to this Irish Group.

Arigato Gazimasu,

Apr 26 2009 Anchor

Hmm so I am starting to image a story driven game with influences of horror but not solely horror. Basically I would like to create an entire world. not nessacarily in one go.

I guess the idea I have would be somewhat final fantasy influenced but not the same atall, just the general kind of template.

3rd person would be a must and I wasn't aware that a world map was capable with HL2, that's pretty deadly. HL2 would seem to be the logical engine to go for.

I have some idea's for storylines tossing around my head.

Would anybody be up for perhaps doing a mod along the lines of what I just mentioned?

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