This is a group for all ID Tech 4 engine modders. Whether your modding forte is Prey, Doom 3, Quake 4 or all of them, we welcome you. Also, we will accept you no matter your modding skill. Even if changing the clip-size of your weapons seems difficult, then feel free to join up and we'll try and help you with it as best we can. This is a place for ID Tech 4 modders to hang out, chat, help each other out or post their latest work, even if its a very rough alpha they only want fellow modders experimenting with. We may accept people with no mods out if they are willing to learn, or have a WIP. Happy modding, Adam

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Finally the Demo has arrived and therefore you can have a first look on Weatherman.

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Hey everyone!!!

So as promised the Demo is up for you to download. It features two maps, first a little tutorial level to get to know the controls and then stage 4 from the final game. But well, here's the download link:

Important note: this Demo is based on an alpha of the game, so there might be bugs not found, yet. Still, most of the features are implemented and working. Only the impossible-difficulty and the extras have been taken out due to several issues.

But I don't wanna waste more time so to teaser you a little bit I've got some screenshots. First is us, the team and then a sneak peak of stage 4 and the tutorial-map.

The Team

Weatherman - Ice/Water - Preview Shot 1

Weatherman - Ice/Water - Preview Shot 2

I hope you'll like the current version, please comment and give feedback, it'll be very helpful because this is a project for university!


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