seriously, theres barely any good Horror-Mods, and there should be. this, in short, is a group for all the gamers who feel left out of the mod-playing communities just because its hard to make or find something scary. If you think there should be more horror mods out there, or just Love horror mods, feel free to join :D

Post news Report content RSS feed Im sure your all quite annoyed...

Long story short, your going to have to tell me what to add.

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Okay, well i'm sure a LOT of you have gotten annoyed at the fact that I've not updated the group at months...
Well, if you care why, I've got a life that i have to manage, so i havn't exactally been playing mods too much. in fact i only checked this website about once a week or two, to see if any new mods i tracked were out... (like NH2)
Anyway, i've got no idea how many zombie/horror mods came out lately, not to mention i only play Half Life/Half Life 2 mods, so i need anyone who wants this page updated to do me a favor. Just tell me a few horror/zombie mods, and what game they're for. Its simple.
So probably by the end of the day, or whenever you guys tell me stuff, i'll add it.
Also, sorry for being so away, i understand its annoying being a part of a horror mod group that has mods from only 2+ years ago, but hey, at least its not the end of the world or anything.


What about BioHazard Alert for GTA San Andreas?

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Find someone else to do it. Why should it be you? I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd do a better job.

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because it is :D so don't complain :3

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