Oracles and seers, mystics and sages. All prophesize that now is a time of heroes, of villains and of legends. Will your story be remembered?

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OOC: Sorry for the stall. I was out of town for the last week.

IC: Gandalf and the two Hobbits discussed deep into the night about the journey that layed ahead for the two hobbits. After that long discussion all three went to sleep. In the morning the Hobbits packed their utinsels, items, swords, and food as they began their journey. Gandalf traveled with them for a while. Making sure the clearings were safe as they marched forward.

Gandalf led them to a river and told them that right there was the spot that he had to leave them. "Here, I must leave you for the time being. I have other places to attend to that are in dire need of help. Make a safe way towards Rivendell. Along the way, you might meet a man named strider. Ask him a riddle that only he would know, if he answers correctly he is the real strider." Gandalf handed them a letter containing the riddle as well as the answer. Gandalf then took his horse and bursted off into the sunlight. The hobbits began their journey to Rivendell stopping first at the Prancing Pony in the town of Bree. Merry and Pippin join them there.

OOC: Here you Go HH, Gandalf is now yours until I need him again.

Dec 28th, 2012