"The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it. Darkness crept back into the forests of the world. Rumour grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear and the ring of power perceived its time had now come.

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Assault on Osgiliath
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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 2 2013, 4:44am says:

OOC: I have to say, if you read my message about NG missing and decided to attack because of it. Then it is pathetic of you to attack. However, I will defend Osgiliath in his stead.

*Upon the joining of battle, word is sent out for reinforcements.*

*1000 Swan Knights ride from Far Dawn towards Osgiliath as reinforcements. 1600 Line Infantry were dug in inside the city, along with 300 Archers.*

*600 Rangers pick off the dark army as it marches through the burning wood, using the flames as a shield wall against the Orcs who might pursue them. The flames also obscure the vision of the dark army.*

OOC: And burning a wood while you march through it is stupid, you'd burn your own people you know?

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Darth-Furere Jan 2 2013, 8:16am says:

*Arador, captain of the garrison of Osgiliath blows his warhorn loud, it echoing off the ruined buildings. Men scramble to get to defensive positions around the palislades in Eastern Osgiliath. There only 3 ways the enemy could go through the Palislades, and all were heavily defended.

The rearguard at the Crossroads mounted their horses and rode off into the night, loosing some as they went.

Line Infantry stack up on either side of the three entrances, while Archers take up positions in the ruined buildings and towers. With fresh arrows they prepare to fire onto the enemy forces.

Arador himself sat ready near the middle entrance and he had his longsword in his hand and a shield in the other. He was ready to defend this city to the final breath.*

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French_Fry Jan 2 2013, 5:07pm says:

OOC: I'm currently at the crossroads where there's a battle going on... and yeah, I know I'd burn them, but they're orcs. Lots and tons of replacements.

*Gothmog stabs a man on the knee then cuts off his head. He stares into the distance and sees men preparing for the oncoming onslaught. He orders one of the Uruks to gather a small group of the most elite orcs and find this "tunnel/hidden passageway" mentioned by Mokuligar to escape. The rest of the orcs continue to march.*

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Darth-Furere Jan 2 2013, 5:49pm replied:

OOC: dont forget, i had that barred and gated when i took the city.. Hehe

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French_Fry Jan 2 2013, 8:17pm replied:

OOC: That's why "the most elite" of my orcs - strongest, they'll cut down a tree, use it as a ram, and ram down that gate.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 3 2013, 4:18am says:

*The horizon loomed over a small hill, a silhouette was cast by a man and his steed. Then a horn sounded, the horn of the Shield Army of Dol Amroth and a thousand Swan Knights rose from the hill like tall grass, made of steel. The clattering of steel hooves and armor sounded like distant thunder.*

*Forth rode Corintus, on his own mount.*

"Men of Dol Amroth. You are the wings of the Swan, and on this day the wings shall embrace the White Tree and safeguard it from the flames of Mordor."

*The men yelled out, the horses reared and a thousand silver lances were lowered in a line and directed towards the dark host.*

"Forward! For Osgiliath, for Gondor!"

*Now the thundering gallop pierced the air louder, the ground started to shake and the dark host shook along with it.*

OOC: I told you its nifty having a Fort nearby to help. NG, will you take over the Rangers and other Gondor people? I have a certain city to torch.

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French_Fry Jan 3 2013, 4:59am says:

OOC: Is ten10dix still active here? Really need my warlord xD

*The horsemen are now visible from the distance. They move closer every second. Orcs are fearing defeat, but Gothmog finds pleasure in this, for he had planned this.

"Gahhh! You scum, order the maggots to finish up with the oil! Move now! Before we're all trampled to the ground." Gothmog shouts at one of the snagas. He then spits on the floor and smiles, "They won't see it coming.

Several orcs climb up upon long tree branches and pass the oil to the other. They spread it on the road from above. Directly between the knights and dark host.

He tasks the pikemen to the front and archers in the back. He orders them to draw their bows. He pushes one orc to the ground,

"Argh! Get up you maggot scum. Get a rabble of orcs and get a few torches lit up, we're going to play with fire. Take position behind the trees with the arrows ready!"

The orcs form a group of 20 and scatter around readying the torched arrow only awaiting the command of Gothmog.

Gothmog turns and sees a group of rangers moving through the trees, he takes an orc beside him and uses him as a human shield as 9 arrows fly through and pierce that orc. He drops the orc dead to the ground; around him at least 90 orcs lay dead as well.

"Aghhh! You maggot scum, attack the Rangers! They've surrounded us!"

300 orcs leave with Gothmog's orders to kill the rangers. He tasks one uruk to light a small fire in the forest.

The uruks and orcs of the deep catacombs of Minas Morgul find the sewers to the city, except it was guarded by hundreds of men. The uruks and orcs surround the area and slowly move in. They take their bows up and immediately fire upon them. They put down their bows and all 700 (total of 500 uruks and 200 elite orcs) orcs charge upon the guard.*

OOC: The oiling of the road is fair, since I've been there for a couple of days. And knowing of Fort Far Dawn, they would obviously attack, so Gothmog's got it all planned :)

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 3 2013, 9:19am replied:

OOC: I can't wrap my head around this, so first you torch the wood, then you have your Orcs climb on them to light a road covered in oil, all the while being attacked by Rangers from the woods?

I think I need a map.

Oh, and I thought this crossroad was outside the forest and on a plain around Osgiliath? Who would send Knights through a forest?

I'm seriously confused now.

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Darth-Furere Jan 3 2013, 8:15am says:

OOC: COT, command your men!

*The gaurds of the tunnel gate braced the gate and held it strong while men behind them formed a ring of spears and shields around the gate. After the ring was formed the men bracing the gate fell back and reinforced the ring.

Arador took 200 men and had them mount their Horses and as he went blew his horn signalling the charge. 200 horses thundered out of the ruined city and galloped at the enemy forces.

Back inside the city, the defenders were all prepared and men were coming in from Western Osgiliath, reinforcing the garrison of Eastern Osgiliath.*

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French_Fry Jan 3 2013, 3:39pm says:

OOC: "When Frodo, Sam, and Gollum came to the Cross-roads they were in a belt of trees of vast size. Next to the road leading to Osgiliath they found the statue befouled by the Orcs. The head had been knocked off and replaced by a stone effigy, but seeing it gave Frodo hope, for the head was crowned with flowers.[2]" ehh, trees. I burnt off the trees on the otherside, the oiled road is the road you're knights are on. I need a map as well ~_~

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French_Fry Jan 3 2013, 3:42pm says:

*Gothmog hears the horn and sees the knights. He smiles and calls for the archers to redirect fire. He mounts his warg and prepares to retreat if they've been surrounded.

The uruks and orcs keep pushing. One uruk bashes the head of one of the men and gets inside the shield-wall, creating an opening, and fights his way through.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 3 2013, 4:22pm says:

OOC: Maybe we should draw a map of the battlefield before we attack? MS Paint can do the basics.

*Mordor moves in darkness only, and in darkness a small source of light is needed for even the Orcs to see. It was such that the road was revealed to be wet.*

*General Corintus shouted orders towards his fellow Swans.*

"Knights, halt! If we take this road we ride to our deaths."

*Smoke rose from Osgiliath, a last ray of sunshine was covered in the darkness of Mordor.*

"We will restore Osgiliath to its former glory and stand by our brothers, to Osgiliath!"

OOC: Basically, if you drench the a road and then hold light nearby, you can see it on certain angles. I actually wanted to stay on the rode and have half my men return to the city, but that would be stupid. Less lives will be lost fighting in the city.

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Darth-Furere Jan 3 2013, 6:07pm says:

OOC: some confusion it seems. In actuality, there was no men at the crossroads. I am just letting it go, but if you read, most escaped on horseback, about 200 or so, which are the 200 charging at you.

The tunnel is barred from inside Osgiliath, not the entrance outside the city. There is a shield wall protecting that gate and you have not broken it down yet.

Does that solve anymore confusion?

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CrazyOldTeenager Jan 3 2013, 10:11pm says:

*At last, Eradan's Ranger reinforcements arrive. A band of 320 Rangers emerge from the woods southeast of Osgiliath, and cross the bridges that lie behind Gothmog's force. After releasing several volleys of arrows into the rear flank of Gothmog's force, Eradan orders his men to move closer in order to support the main Gondorian force.

OOC: Patience pays off, NameGen. Now, my outflanking of Gothmog can actually be considered a valid move, since I've waited till he's advanced to the city.

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French_Fry Jan 4 2013, 1:39am says:

OOC: Solved my confusion, I think.

*The uruks know that the shield wall has to be breached. Several uruks move back and cut of the heads of fallen Gondorians and toss it inside the shield wall to lower morale and produce fear.

Gothmog turns around and sees 500 of his men dead, in a blink of an eye.

"Garhh! Run and kill any rangers you see! Move it! Ugh, worthless maggots." Gothmog orders 500 orcs to run out into the forest and attack any ranger that is spotted. 250 uruks and 3,150 orcs remain of the main force.*

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CrazyOldTeenager Jan 4 2013, 3:17am says:

*Seeing the enemy force incoming, Eradan orders 120 of his Rangers to prepare for melee combat, while the other 200 shoot at the enemy with alternating volleys of standard and flaming arrows.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Jan 4 2013, 5:41am says:

OOC: I'm confused again, you are at the crossroads and the city? Teleporting Orcs WTF?

If at city:
*Before the Swan Knights lies the dark host, they charge towards it. The rabble will be caught between the Knights and the Gondorian soldiers and crushed.*

"Forward! For the Swan and the White Tree!"

*The lances were all lined up, directed towards the Orcs and the city of Osgiliath. The men roared a loud battle cry as were about to crash upon the army of Minas Morgul.*

If at crossroads:
*Swan Knights enter the city of Osgiliath, dismount their horses and take up positions on the central barricaded gateway, relieving a great deal of Gondorian soldiers.*

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French_Fry Jan 4 2013, 6:12am replied:

OOC: I don't think I ever left the crossroads X)

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Darth-Furere Jan 4 2013, 8:19am says:

*Arador and his 200 mounted soldiers of Osgiliath finally get in sight of the fleeing orcs. As dawn breaks, reflecting just a hint off of the Gondorian armor, it gets brighter and using this to his advangate, Arador raises his warhorn to his lips and blows the longest and loudest chord he has ever blown, it echoes all the way across to Minas Tirith and as far north as Cair Andros.

The mounted soldiers raise their swords high and shout "For the White City!" The soldiers stampede over the confused rabble, cutting them down with ease. This causes the Orcs to scramble for their lives, for only the Uruks have the courage, or stupidity, to stand before the charging horses. The soldiers ride around the Uruks, striking them down with blows to the head.

The shield wall holds firm, and instead of breaking, it slowly backs away letting the Uruks to come at them. As the Uruks leave the safety of the tunnel, they are stuck with soo many arrows they look like porcipines. Archers lined the towers and ruined buildings from above and they slaughtered the Uruks.*

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French_Fry Jan 4 2013, 6:34pm says:

*Gothmog looks around

"You worthless stupid maggots!" He shouted at his orcs.

He immediately mounted his warg and ride away for the Black City. On the way, a small army of Haradrim on their way to the Black Gate were spotted. They had 2 mumakils and several thousand troops.

"The white army is killing an army of orcs at the crossroads. Either gather a larger host and meet me here in a week or go towards the end of your filthy worthless lives." Gothmog said to the chieftain.

The chieftain nods and he returns to Harad to gather a greater force.

Gothmog continues his ride for the Black City, to ask the Witch King to empty Minas Morgul.

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Darth-Furere Jan 6 2013, 8:30pm says:

*The Men of Gondor raise their swords high and shout "GONDOR! GONDOR!" They finish off the cowardly orcs and abandon the crossroads and finally finish the wall surrounding Western Osgiliath. One gate is built made of wood with reinforced steel plating. Towers all along the wall, and it can be walked along like most walls.

Arador and his men celebrate their victory over roasted pig and wild game, along with much wine of course.*

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Mokuligar returns to Minas Morgul and speaks to the leader of the city of a host of men that had taken back Osgiliath. Mokuligar's head drops to the floor and a new orc takes command. He leads a large group of orcs and uruks to leave the City of Morgul and take back Osgiliath: 750 uruks and 4,250 orcs. They march through Ithillien burning down forests to the ground. They reach the crossroads where a guard of men are spotted. Battle is immediately engaged.

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