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Dec 21 2010 Anchor

Basic List of what you always should have in balanced when playing a C&C (Tiberian story)(mostly C&C3 or a C&C3 Mod) RTS game:
1. always have enough powerplants, for posible attacks on your base.
2. always have minimum 5-6 harvesters/2-3 refinerys and remember to protect your harvesters against, venom and attack bike attacks.
3. remember to build units! it is always important you have atleast a small force to defend your base with.
4. when you have enough money and a steady flow of income you should always remember to spam units.
5. remember to Tier up! sometimes I've seen players stuck on Tier 2 but it is important you get Tiered up before your enemy even if it is still mid game.
6. remember to attack your enemy and not just camp at your base, even if just a small air raid of a full scale assualt, don't forget to attack!
that should just about cover the simplest of basics.

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