what i made this for is for people who have really good game ideas but dont know how to use softwares or dont have soft wares like me. also to have people who are good wth putting games together but need game ideas. so if you ae good with ideas or product design, please join im sure you can use it. if you do use an idea and make a game please post it here and give credit to the game idea person (dont know what to call em)

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I am interested in joining your group. I am a idea guy and a mapper. I am not the best mapper yet, I am working on improving that skill.

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Does anybody here know how to code?

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GamerDude27 Online

I can do some, but I'm not an expert.

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I got A game idea, Its about a young aboriginal boy who gets lost in the outback after his dad went of and sniffed some petrol or something,now the young abo has to hunt with his crazy selction of weapons and his double thongs with a stubby and Akubra hat on his head,the boy is a albino abo and he wears budgy smugglers(swimming undies) and a shirt thats says "we eat meat,we drink beer and we speakfucking english, he sound like a asian but he is a aboridinal, the soundtrack is "we come from the land down under",this will be a survial 3d game,sort of like minecraft/dayz/don't starve. your transport can be kangaroos,but you have to make a digaroo or a booarang to kill the baby on hope in the mums pouch.also there are alot of enemies like drop bears,scientolgy,aboriginals canimabls,racsist australians,kkk and asians that hunt you down thinking that you have fried lice.you start of in the outback but and u can make your way to the syndney, you have a health meter,hunger metre, and dream time metre which takes you to the dream land and you see carzy ****,but you need petrol,but you don't have to search for food or carft stuff because you can just steal it like most abos,but its really hard because black people aren't aloud in the town or farm unless your a slave.you can build houses have dingo pets and there are speical events like kevin rudds sorry speech 7/11 event( terroist blow up the petrol station) and gilla gillard comes to town(australian prime minister) this game will be 3d

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rock_lee2 Creator

I know nobody's here but i have an idea for a game thts kinda like halo. But instead of bullets you shoot colors and waves. its called DUBSTEP WARS the sound is dubstep of course and the color density and frequency corisponds (don't know how to spell very well) wth the dubstep being played. and if you shoot an exploding berral it does a basscannon.

this is an example of what goes on here...... even though im the only one here..... ._.

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