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"Welcome, to the Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"

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Welcome, to the Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

Chief of State speaking to the senate about recent events!

The Chief of State spoke to the senate today to deal with the incraseing demand for the jedi to answer for these revnt events. To those that haven't heard, the jedi are now suspected to have been involved in the killing of arrested Senators the day before their cases was to be reviewed by authorities to discover if there was any truth to their crimes. But before that could happend, video footage showed two jedi breaking into the prison and setting off a bomb that killed thousands, including the arrested senators.

The event has set in motion a series of new motions in the senate lately and now the Jedi Order is forces to make an public appeal to the senate. The Chief of state only finished his speech moments ago.

"Dear senators of the Galactic Alliance, I stand here before you to plee on the behalf of the Jedi Order. Although all the evidense points towards our order in these latest crimes, I can assure you. We had nothing to do with it. We have always stood at the side of the people and justice. Your side. And it is our hope we can continue to do so in the future. And I promise you! We will not stand this and we will make sure those who are behind this will be brought before this senate and answer for their crimes. You have all had faith in us, during the Cold War with the Mandalorians, during the Silentium invasion and in our assault on the New Sith Order. So, where have this brought us today? The Sith have been almost completely wiped out, we have a stable peace with the Mandalorians depite our indiffernces and the Galactic Alliance is prospering!

We have faith in you to make up your own minds and not give in to fear. All we ask you, is to have faith in us. Thank you."

Spectators believe the speech to have been mostly succeful and many are talking about a vote to dismiss the charges against the Jedi.

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"

Senate motion accepted and panic on the stock markets!

The motion to limit Jedi influence was accepted today and Jedi Knights are returning to their duties as peacekeepers. Except a few positions within the government and the position of Grand Admiral is still falling the Master Sab3r. Who have been allowed to stay thanks to his contributions to the defeat of the Sith Empire and the New Sith Order.

On another topic, it's been a busy day on the economic market. A panic spread when a rumor of the Alliance military was about to cancel all contracts. The rumor made the stock prices fell drastically in the matter of hours, after which an unknown buyer bought up several major industries in a hostile takeover. The company responsible for the takeover is only listed as Blacklight industries and has taken over all the companies in on contracts with the Alliance military.

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"


Political and Military reform

Due to recent doubts and general disagreements within the Senate, the Jedi leadership of the Galactic Alliance and High positions within the military and police enforcement is about to change. The Senate has moved a motion to reinstate a normal system of government that will slowly come into effect over the next few years. The Jedi Order will eventually resume the role it had before the first Sith conflict years ago, that ended with the utter defeat of the Sith Empire. The Jedi Grand Master reluctantly agreed to this, but was forced to bow to political pressure when the Chief of State agreed with the Senators with the following statement.

"For years now, we have fought a desperate battle against those that would see us destroyed. The Sith have been defeated and the Jedi Order have fulfilled its promise to take back the galaxy. It is time for us to return to the duties that we are supposed to have."

In addition to the political reforms; The Chief of State has launched a complete overhaul of the Military. After years of conflict and war, the Galactic Alliance soldiers are required to take a series of mental test to determine if they are still fit to serve the Alliance. The engagements of the Sith have been known to have an severe psychological stress to the mind. All Galactic Alliance soldiers have also been offered a retirement offer now that the threat of the Sith has decreased greatly. Many have already accepted the offer and the Alliance have opened up for new recruits, swelling the ranks at a surprising rate even though we may be facing centuries of peace.

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"


Corrupt Officials killed in explosion!

Yesterday, dozens of Senators and other high ranking officials were arrested under charge of conspiracy and corruption. They were moved to a secure prison deep within the Enforcement districts later that same day. Only a few hours ago, an entire district was leveled in a massive explosion. Evidence have been recovered that might suggest the Jedi order have been involved. In the rubble near the crater was found a specially marked lightsaber belonging to an Ithorian man named Yesir that was sent on assignment in the Outer Rim a few weeks ago and was supposed to return tomorrow.

The Jedi Order has officially denied any knowledge of this action and condemns it utterly. Calling it; "a crime against justice". The Jedi Grand Master is currently being interviewed by the Senate and an investigation into the Order has been initiated to uncover the truth. We will gather more information on this as the investigation develops.

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"


Senators and other officals arrested for High treason!

Earlier today an entire hundreds of police officers arrested dozens of high positioned officials within the senate under the charges of conspiracy and corruption. It is rumored that several of the Senators resisted arrest and were killed. The Head of Enforcement here on Coruscant was asked today about these charges.

"Tell me, what are these most serious charges based on?".

"As you may know, the Galactic Alliance has blockaded the system of Geonosis for several weeks now. A few days ago, a nearby listening post picked up a transmission headed to somewhere in the core. Late yesterday night we were able decrypt the information and uncover its destination. Thanks to our technical staff we were able to uncover the identities of many high ranking officials who have been selling information or are in the service of various Sith Lords. We believe we have caught most of the traitors and they are currently locked away in a secure facility for questioning."

"Thank you officer."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"



Galactic Alliance in chaos!

"Coruscant and many other planets in the Galactic Alliance is in chaos after numerous reports of Outer Rim planets falling in the dusins every day and that the New Galactic Republic have been destroyed. Little is known about this new enemy as the Senate have yet to make an official response to this new threat. There only thing we do know is that there have been serveral major battles between this new enemy and Alliance forces. So far reports indicate that only one battle have been won, the Alliance manged to defeat these new enemies above Mon Calamari. The last thing we heard was that the Galactic Alliance fleets have just jumped to Taris, it is suspected that a new attack is underway in that system. We are still gathering reports on these mysteroius attackers and have..

Wait we are just getting another report from our contact on Taris, it seems that the Chief of State have been killed in battle above the planet. We have yet to confirm this and are still waiting for an ofifcial response from the Senate. We now have multiple conflicting sources on who this new enemy is, a Senator have just officially named the new enemy the Silentium, but other reports are saying that it is the New Sith Order. It seems that Imperial fleets have just arrived above Coruscant and that a suicide ship have just rammed the Senate building. Again, we must apologize for the lack of confirmation on this, we are currently experiencing techinical difficuties with out communication. We urge every with information to help us...----------------------------------------------------------


- This message is an automatic response in case of Galactic Alliance leadership no longer being able to maintain executive control of the Galactic Alliance. -

"All citizens are urged to remain calm and stay indoors untill executive authorities is transferred to the individual sector commanders. This will effectively make all systems independant of any faction unless a new goverment is formed by former Galactic Alliance representatives an coalition with the Jedi Order. All military personal are required to return to their designated emergency fallback points, if not able to do; remain in your current sector and await further orders"

- This message was an automatic response in case of Galactic Alliance leadership no longer being able to maintain executive control of the Galactic Alliance. Thank you for your patience -

Peace with the Mandalorians?

"You've all heard the rumors, it seems that the Mandalorian Empire is being disolved and that peace may be possible between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire. Today we have the honor of being able to interview the Mandalor himself!

"Thank you for taking time to answer a few questions Mandalor, is these recent rumors true? Is the Mandalorian Empire disbanding?"

"Yes, the Mandalorian Empire is being dismantled. We have seen what it is like to rule like the Sith and the Jedi and the galaxy has seen what it would be like if we were in charge. Needless to say that many worlds will miss our presence but we are nomads at heart and that is what we will have to keep in our minds from now on aswell. "

"Does this mean peace between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorians? The Senate have yet to make an official response to this."

"In my opinion peace between us is a must now, if they attack we would vanish and strike from places unseen but this may sound to you like a threat, keep in mind we have only a few planets left and you have an empire so you have nothing to fear... From us Mandalorians that is."

"What is the purpose of these military maneuvers that the place near the Alliance planet of Onderon? Some might consider it a provocation"

"With two Mandalorian fleets near the world of Onderon training and demonstrating our might, suffice to say it may cause them to see it as an attack as the demonstration will use the entire system and will also stretch on the planet surfaces, I hope they will simply enjoy the show rather then respond."

"What becomes of the former Galactic Alliance planet of Kamino? Rumors are you are selling it to the higest bidder"

"Kamino will be placed under control of the cloner known as Jester... Or I think he's called that, well I and this Cloner made a deal to keep the New Galactic Republic loyal in exchange for a little Mandalorian DNA. Me being the generous person I am gave him not only the DNA, but also the planet and a small Mandalorian army to work with."

"Thank you for having the time to answer a few of these questions for us. - What these events will lead to, no one knows. How the Senate will respond to a Alliance planet being used as a bribe to a high standing member of the New Galactic Republic will surely impact the relationship between the Galactic Alliance and the New Galactic Republic. There have still been no word of a formal treaty between the Mandalorians and the Senate.

On another topic, we have today recived confirmation that the Allinace is funding extra security along to borders near where the Allinace patrol ship Vigil was found and have sent experditions into Wild Space and the Unknown regions to disover what or who are behind the attacks. We will continue to update you on this matter."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"

Mysterious attacks on Galatic Alliance patrols!

"Today, a former missing military patrol vessel was discoved detroyed is space. Early reports indicate that the ships was sliced in two by an unknown weapon type. Scientists are working hard to figure our more of these mysterious attackers, but because of exstensive damage the scientists lack evidence to determine what or who might have been behind the attack. The Galactic Alliance have gathered some of the best scientists in the galaxy to learn more of this mysterious attacks. In the meantime, the Galactic Alliance is increasing the size and alert status of patrols in remote systems. We will contiue to update you on this as we learn more of these mysterious attackers."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"

Kuat Militia attacks!

"Later this week, the Kuat Militia forces attacked the Alderaan system but was pushed out by quicly as nearby fleets rushed to the system and counter-attacked. In the meantime, another fleet was sent to retailate by attacking the system of Kuat, forcing the Kuat Militia out of the Alderaan system. Facing a standoff in the Kuat system. They agreed to enter diplomatic negotiations. The reasons behind the attack remain unclear, futher updates will be broadcasted"

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

The Jedi speaks in the Senate about the Kuat Breakaway and the recent stir in the Senate!

"Today we were infomred that the System of Kuat have broken away from the Galactic Alliance and have declare their independace in fear of the Mandalorians. Jedi Representative Headhunter responded on behalf of the Chief of State in his absence:"

"As you have all heard, the system of Kuat have broken away form the Galactic Alliance. They seem to think that the Jedi Order is incapable of defending them, that we are no better than the Old Republic, as we all witnessed fail the Galaxy as the Sith Empire rose to power. But I assure you! We will not fail you in these troubled times. There WILL be defeats, but there WILL also be victories. Seceding will not save you, giving up will not save you! The Jedi Order struggled hard and long for your freedom, for the democracy you can enjoy this day! Now fight with us and keep your freedom!

Some of you may think that more ships and more weapons is the answer to win this war, tell me. Did the huge armadas of the Sith Empire allow them to keep their Empire? They fell non the less, they suffered from betrayal, lack of leaderships and a common goal. Are we to make same mistake? To win this war we need each other more than ever. The funds required to purchase these new ships can only be found by taking them away from the people we are here to represent. We can not allow ourselves to comprimise the rights of every citizen in the Galactic Alliance for the sake of self preservation. In doing so, we would be no better than those we oppose. In seeking unity within ourselves we can fend of those that seek to destroy us. Fellow Senators of the Galactic Alliance Senate, gather your courage and rise to combat the threat we face. In the name of Freedom and democracy!"

"After the speech it is said that the Senate broke out in appause and is now once again re-united in their effort to maintain the Galactic Alliance and their support of the military commanders in the field."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

Victory at Lehon!

"Yesterday, we recived an official report that the Sith attacks on the Rakata system of Lehon was pushed back! Carelessly they attacked the system and was then surprised by a Galactic Alliance. Afterwards the Sith retreated from the system with minor losses. It is still reported that the Galactic Alliance is fighting droid holdouts on the planet. The Galactic Alliance commanders are however confident that that the planet will soon be retaken completely."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

Pirates are attacking remote worlds and the Senator of Kuat speaks out against the Jedi Leadership!

"Pirates have attacked systems in the Outer Rim! The pirates have joined together under the banner of Crime Lord Ghelba the Hutt. The Galactic Alliance responded swift and dispatched the 3rd Galactic Alliance Defense fleet from Naboo to Tatooine where the pirates seem to be massing and are trying to take the planet. The latest report states that the Galactic Alliance is pushing the enemy fleet back with minor losses. We here have a response from the Senator of Kuat about the Mandalorian threat and the Jedi Leadership in regard to events in the past as well as the present:"

"The Chief of State has only served to disappoint my expectations. He seems to be of the opinion that what we need is troops. The truth is that we have no need of more troops. The only way we will win this war is by swinging the biggest stick. Right now, that is exactly what the Mandalorians are doing. They have ravaged many worlds, and we need to fight back! If I had it my way, we would be producing as many weapons of war as possible to fight the Mandalorians. They can easily destroy us on the ground, but in the sky, we have a chance, and therefore it is the sky that we must be focused on! We do not need more people, we need more firepower!"

"As for the Jedi, I happen to disagree with many things that the Jedi have done. They claim to be fighting the Mandalorians, but they have done nothing but defend, and even then they get pushed back! They refuse to resort to extreme means to fight the Mandalorians. They are more concerned with making sure that everybody lives. They have no grasp of the fact that in war, people die. They must accept that before they can become a competent fighting force. The Jedi try to maintain the peace, even when there is no peace to maintain. When the Mandalorians were rampaging across the galaxy, the Jedi did nothing, using the pretext that they had a treaty with the Mandalorians. A treaty? Bah! The words of cowards who have no will to fight! We need real soldiers, not mythical peace-keepers who are far more impressive in stories than in real life! The Jedi used every excuse they could to keep from fighting the Mandalorians, and look where this has gotten us! The Mandalorians have already crippled one faction, and now with nothing else to attack, they have targeted the GA. We have had one engagement, and the Jedi pulled back, caring more for the civilian population and the lives of their soldiers than the battle! The Jedi are a last-line of defense. They should never be the first! We need our own troops, commanded by our own people. The Jedi should be separate. They already have too much power as it is!"

"The senator is obviously against both the Jedi and the Mandalorians, and the Chief of State as well. He is already gaining swift support, and it seems like his militaristic plans are being well-received by quite a few of the senators despite the victory at Naboo. We'll see what the Chief of State has to say about this at a later date."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

Defeat at Kamino, but victory at Naboo

"As we reported ealier, Kamino was attacked recently by the Mandalorian Empire. The Galactic Alliance responded in force to protect the system. The huge battle that ensued cost the lives of thousands and the loss of hundreds of battle ships. But even with this great sacrifice, the system of Kamino was still lost and the Galactic Alliance forces had no other option to retreat or leave the rest of the sector vulnerable to attacks. During the last stages of the battle, the Galactic Alliance managed to bring in a fleet of evacuation ships and withdraw much of the Galactic Alliance personal along with as many as of the indigenous population as possible. The government of Kamino was offered to be retrieved, but rejected with the following message:"

"We survived the Galactic Empire and we will survive the Mandalorians as well. We will not let the Mandalorians abuse us to provide for their war effort. We will not leave our people behind, this is our world and not theirs; we honor your sacrifice in protecting us, but now it's time for us to deal with them our way. The people of Kamino will survive however as we have in the past."

"The message ends as a complete communication blackout on the planet was caused by Mandalorian commando troopers.

Recent battle have not all been a loss however, as the Mandalorian attack on Naboo was halted by the 3rd Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. The Mandalorian commander was pushed out of the system and the defenses above the planet are being restored under the watchful eye of the Galactic Alliance Armed Forces. The Queen of Naboo has made no official statement yet, but we have received word that a delegation have been sent to address the Senate. We will continue to update you on latest news on these subjects in the future!"
Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!


"War with the Mandalorian Empire! Today we have had confirmation from the Senate that a war have broken out with the Mandalorian Empire. A huge battle initiated when the Grey jedi attempted a rescue mission of their captued leader. A Grey Jedi took control of a Galactic Allinance Task Force and attacked Mandalorian forces. Having had negotiations with the New Sith Order and the New Galactic Republic about a alliance against the Mandalorian Empire, they soon found themselves trapped as the Sith did not hold up to the agreement and turned on them. With Galactic Alliance forces and allies involved, the Treaty of Kuat had been broken and the Chief of State sent a fleet to rescue New Galactic Republic and the Galactic Alliance Task Force. The fleet succelfully extracted the allies with the help of the Jedi Grand Master and his Galactic Alliance Task Force. In retaliation of the Galactic Alliance involvement, the Mandalorians launched an attack on Kamino. We will contiue to update you as the situation develops."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

New Chief of State have been elected!

"Today celebrations broke out as Senator ArielYssou was elected to the position as Chief of State. We are transmitting live as the former Chief of State resigns and congratelate Senator ArielYssou on the election."

"I am proud of what have been achieved in these past years. We have overcome evil as it sweept through the galaxy and brougth unjustice and tyranny upon all of us. When the Old Republic failed us, we had to fight them by ourselves, with ships that barely functioned and that have been outdated for a century or more. We drove them back and showed them that we don't intend to be anyone slaves. That we will fight for freedom and democracy. But even as the Sith Empire started to fall apart from within and and we took the Outer Rim. We experienced an unfortunte strife among our allies and our self that even today continue to scar both planets in the galaxy and the minds of the people. Today we face challenges that I hope we can overcome. The Gaalctic Alliance have had a rough start and may suffer the same end. But today is a day of Joy! We welcome our first democratic election, today we prove those who seek to destroy us wrong! Today! We celebrate our freedom! I hereby step down from the position as Chief of State and hand over the position as Chief of State to Senator ArielYssou and Master of the Jedi order! Maybe the force be with you old friend and congratulations!"

Galactic Alliance News! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

The Grey Jedi Order have been attacked by the Mandalorian Empire!

"Today we just got a report that the Mandalorian Empire and their allies made a attack on the Grey Jedi Order and seemingly won decisively. The Grey Jedi leader surrendered after a promise was given than the rest of the Grey Jedi could go free and their planets would be left alone. The Galactic Alliance dispatched relief vessels in case there is need of them and prepares to provide additional help should it be requested. We are still a little unsure of where the Galactic Alliance stands on this, but luckily we have the Grand Master of the Jedi Order here to answer a few questions regarding this recent assault.

Grand Master Sab3r, Where does the Jedi Order stand on this new situation? Don't you have a responsibillity for them despite you diffrences?"

"The Jedi Order have no quarrel with the Grey Jedi, but because we have our differences in beliefs we do not support them outright. The attack carried out on the Grey Jedi did not effect innocent lives, because of the Grey Jedi Leader, AK's decision to surrender. I feel if he had not made that decision and innocent lives where in danger, the Jedi would have been obligated to intervene. At this moment the motives behind the attack does not concern the Jedi and is none of our business. We will watch the development of this situation closely none the less."
"So what you are saying is that, the Grey Jedi are not innocent lives?"

"Not at all. As far as I'm aware the attack on the Grey Jedi was only focused on military forces and it's commanders. The attack was not on the Grey Jedi's 'empire'. So no innocent lives were put at risk in the attack directly. It seemed like a personal attack, which is none of our business."
"Thanks you very much Master Sab3r. So the question remains wheather or not The Mandalorians will resume their attack. So far, there have been no word of either a ceasefire or a peace agreement. We will update you on any futher developments in this conflict."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

Exclusive interview with Senator Jolee Bindo about the Cold war and the return of the Sith Empire!

"Today we just got an official statement from the Senate that Imperial ships have been seen near the outskirts of the Unknown Regions. The Senate has yet to respond to the allegations that they have allied themselves with the Mandalorians. The current cold war between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire has been continuing for months with the Galactic Alliance consolidating and the Mandalorian Empire's massive buildup of forces. The recent rumors have further increased tensions with the Mandalorian Empire, many fear a new war. Today we have the honor of having Senator Jolee Bindo as a guest.

Welcome Senator, so what is going on with these recent rumors? Have the Sith Empire truly returned?"

"Yes the Sith have returned. This New Sith Empire is being led by a fearsome Sith Lord named Ten. We are beginning our deliberations how to handle this new threat; but for now I feel that the Senate should still mainly focus on the current Cold War with the Mandalorians. As such the Mandalorians are indeed building up; eitheir if its for a war with the Galactic Alliance or a build up to protect their current borders. We just really don't know. Also to confirm another rumor; this New Sith Empire has allied with the Mandalorians. Whether its to bring the Mandalorian alliances to a stabilized position or for personal gain, again we don't know.
Though I am indeed happy to report that the Galactic Alliance's Senate is standing strong in the light of recent events. I look forward to meeting with them later today."

"What are the possibilities for war? The Senate have almost doubled the goverment expenses in these last few month, is this a response to the Mandalorian buildup of forces?"

"We are rather are concerned with the mandalorian military build up. However we still wish for peace with the mandalorians. We don't want to see another galactic war in which billions are killed. The possibilities for war in my opinion is still slim; I hope it stays that way even in the light of recent events."

"Many thanks for the visit Senator, I wish you good luck in the future."

Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!

"Ealier this day, we recieved a report on a Mandalorian exercise near the Alliance planet of Onderon. Some people might consider this to be provocation."

"With two Mandalorian fleets near the world of Onderon training and demonstrating our might, suffice to say it may cause them to see it as an attack as the demonstration will use the entire system and will also stretch on the planet surfaces, I hope they will simply enjoy the show rather then respond."

"There is some speculation that the reaon that the Alliance haven't made an official response yet is because of you trying to sell the former Alliance planet of Kamino."

Kamino will be placed under control of the cloner known as Jester... Or I think he's called that, well I and this Cloner made a deal to keep the New Galactic Republic loyal in exchange for a little Mandalorian DNA. Me being the generous person I am gave him not only the DNA, but also the planet and a small Mandalorian army to work with.

"Thank you for taking time to answer a few questions Mandalor. - Now all we can do in the meantime is wait for an official response from the Senate. In the meantime, informaion have leaked that the Galactic Alliance is sending esperditions into Wild Space and the Unknown regions to try and discover the cause of the recent attackson Galactic Alliance vessels. Reports from the Minister of finances also seems to confirm this. At the smae time funds seem to have been diverted to extra security at the borders to Wildspace and the Unknown regions. It seems that there is a general concren as to what have been behind these attacks. Romurs or going around the Killiks are the ones behind the attacks, but scientist seem to believe that the weaponry seems far to advanced. We will update you on any further developments."
Galactic Alliance news! Making sure you stay up to date with everything!"


You got to be careful with companies HH, first they are the guys who give you stuff next thing you know they are a PMC and then they wage a galactic war on you, I've seen it happen several times.

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