Founded by those who oppose the status quot, and defy the oppressive regime of the Empire. The Syndicate is a conglomeration of various organizations who have taken matters into their own hands, no longer willing to rely on the Jedi Order or the Federation to protect the galaxy from the likes of the Sith or Imperials. WIP

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The Exterior Union is found by the citizens of a tired galaxy that is ever engulfed in a ceaseless war, this endless bloodshed has led to a great exodus of people to other areas which are deemed more peaceful. The Companion Galaxies.

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Located in the Companion Galaxies, the Exterior Union is populated by people wishing to begin anew. Years ago many people started migrating to the companion galaxies in secret after growing tired of the constant downfalls of alliances, republics and empires. Despite the risk of being caught by pirates or the Sith, and other dangers that awaited them ahead, they made the journey into largely unexplored space. After conflicts escalated in the main galaxy, more and more people left to colonize the companions. It didn't take long for Praxis to notice this great migration, and so he decided to help these people and use Auricom and his influence within the New Galactic Empire to supply them with food, equipment, and ships to properly explore and colonize the companions. There, they would be isolated from the troubles that the Jedi and Sith had once brought to their lives.

Major Planets

From the dozens of small colonies and farm worlds, there are always the sprawling metropolises and other key worlds that make up the important ruling body of any Empire, the Exterior Union is not different in this. Even as an emerging power, the Union recognizes the need for proper control to enforce law and order. As such, there are already quite a few worlds that have fulfilled the roles required to keep the Exterior Union in balance.

Star Map
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Above is a Star Map of the Exterior Union and all its planets thus far mapped out by the Union's exploration units.

The Exterior Union's hold on the Companion Galaxies is not total, the Companion Galaxies are shared with many races and beings whom are independent and loyal to their own factions. The occasional armed skirmish occurs between the large and powerful Exterior Union and these smaller groups but most of the time, the Union emerges victorious.

The Companion Galaxies, while not as vast as the Galaxy they orbit, are still immense in their own right and equally wrought with both dangers, and valuable resources.


The existence of the Exterior Union's economic power is to thank to several important companies, with their continued backing, both financial and the production sort, the Union has grown exponentially. Some of the corporations were founded before the Exterior Union rose to dominance in the Companion Galaxies, while others were made after to support the emerging industrial sector of the Union. Whatever the case, economically the Exterior Union is strong and continues to grow in this welfare.

Auricom: A vast Megacorporation formed by Praxis, Victor Aurcano, and Normon Zasch during the rise of the New Galactic Empire. Auricom, named after one of its founders, expanded during a period of political and economic instability. The largest corporation since TaggeCo, Praxis and Normon Zasch were able to organize Auricom by gathering up enough money to begin buying out several research and development firms, and merge them together to form the base of this new company. With his own, and Aurcano's genius, and the help of other scientists and engineers that Praxis had recruited over the years, they were able to make several breakthroughs and bring new advanced technology and products to the market at a reasonable price. Schematics to new weapons, droids, vehicles and ships, formulas to new medicines, components to computers and droids, and improved manufacturing methods, were given to other companies in exchange for a portion of their stock and profits. Auricom after a while was able to gain enough standing and money to absorb those companies and cut out the middle man. Auricom grew exponentially, and before long it owned hundreds of subsidiaries, including news agencies, starship design and construction companies, droid developers and manufacturers, medical and pharmaceutical firms, mining and construction companies, computer companies and security firms. However, after the fall of the NGE, and the incident on Dac, Praxis made a decision to "quit while he was ahead" and shed off a large portion of its subsidiaries and assets, auctioning them off and moving Auricom's operations to the Exterior Union. Its new headquarters is now on Aldur Prime, the capital of the Union, located in Companion Aurek.

Companion Trade Conglomerate: Is a merchant guild comprising of several shipping companies, shipwrights, and various mining and manufacturing companies. The CTC was organized by these companies to create a unified body within the Union that would promote and regulate trade of products and resources, and to protect their businesses from foreign competition.

Karax Security: Founded by Aaron Karax with a simple goal, sell what the consumer wants. At the time of its founding, the galaxy was experiencing a Cold War, the populace was in fear and therefore the time was ripe to exploit it and arm them. Karax Security provided men, equipment, warships and spacestations to those who needed them to defend themselves.

Kisaragi, Raal Incorporated.


Any governmental body has a support structure of various organizations in order to enforce the laws and keep order. From judicial branches to anti-terrorism units and even the more simple education and medical departments, all contribute to keep the Exterior Union is its organized state.

(Some suggestions)

Judicial Branch (Police)
Task Force Zeta (Anti-terrorism)
Medical Welfare Authority (Doctors)
Department of Future Preparations (Education)
Safety and Maintenance Branch (Sanitation/Upkeep)
Infrastructure Assembly Bond (construction workers)


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Infrastructure Assembly Bond (construction workers)

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Holowan Laboratories as a subsidiary of Auricom

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Zentarian Arms: weapons and/or droid manufacturer.
Verschawa-Kai: Droid, Armor, Weapons and Vehicle Manufacturer.
Rothana Heavy Engineering: Vehicle and Ship manufacturer.
ComidaTech: Mining and Energy Supplier
Khayal (Inc? etc.): Droid Manufacturer

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Idea: Mercenary Guilds

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Colonial Military Administration Desc. Draft: The CMA manages the irregular army of the Union. Since the EU wishes for as many of its citizens as possible to focus on developing the economy and infrastructure, and since producing a large standing army of clones and droids would be too expensive, the CMA was created in part to oversee Mercenary Guilds, and independent bounty hunters that would work through the CMA and organize job contracts with individuals, corporations, or other groups. Should the Union Senate approve the creation of a conscripted or volunteer army, the CMA would be responsible for organizing and maintaining that as well. Note that the core Union military (Clone and Droid army and Navy), and the CMA are two separate organizations with a different command structure and hierarchy, though both work together closely in terms of keeping the EU secure within its borders.

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