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A Compilation I've composed which covers the legendary RPG Milestone, Ultima. Part 1 covers the first 3 games which make up the age of darkness.

Posted by chaosmaster4 on May 16th, 2010

Ultima, is a name that is covered with dust amongst most gamers. Old timers and fans of the series will remember the brilliant times they had roaming through britannia as the stranger in Ultima 1-4 and then arising to become the Avatar and save the world on countless ocasions. Nowadays, with Bioware leading the RPG market, the Ultima series has drifted into the vortex of dead games, even the online installment, which was the first MMORPG with graphics is now only played by hardcore fans. A recent appearance of Lords of Ultima brought a glint of hope into the community, yet the only similarity, was the name.

-Richard Garriott, Creator of the Ultima Universe
The first Ultima was released 1980 and was merely titled Ultima. Creator of the Ultima universe was Richard Garriott.
In the first Ultima you chose your race and began your adventure as the Stranger, or Stranger from another world and travel to the land of Sosaria to stop the evil wizard Mundain from unleashing his hordes of beasts and dark magic upon the land. Graphics were completely new for its time because Ultima pictured more detail through sprites than other games of its time.

-Box art -Screenshot of player in Wilderness

Ultima 2 - Revenge of the Enchantress was released in 1982 as the official second installment in the series. For many, it was a tad too wacky. Critics today refer to it as "The game which showed the Eighties as they were". Once again the Stranger must save the day, this time from Mundains assistent enchanter Minax. Instead of a fantasy land, Ultima 2 took place (among other planets in the milky way) on the earth, but in many different time eras. The craziness of this was a huge difference to the middle-aged world of Ultima 1, yet it was still an epic success. Ultima 2 is however, seen as the weakest installment in the series.

-Box art -Screenshot of Dungeon

Ultima 3 - Exodus ventured back into the familiar Ultima universe from the first installment. It was published in 1983 and created by Garriotts newly founded Origin Systems. For the first time puzzles play a big role in the game. Intelligence was needed in order to proceed. The player ventures once again as the Stranger in to the World of Sosaria, this time in company of 3 companions. Graphics were kicked up by far for the short distance between the first two installments. It also featured background music for the first time.

ultima.wikia.com wrote:
Exodus was a hit game in 1983 and sold very well, thus giving Origin a very good start and the needed money to created the next installment of the series. Many game creators of that time took Ultima III as a reference when creating their own RPGs. Its influence on the development of role playing games can't be measured.

I couldn't have put it better myself.
In Ultima 3, the Stranger must rescue the people of Sosaria from Exodus, the offspring of Minax and Mundain. Exodus, Half-Demon, Half-Machine is pissed off at having its creators killed and is now on a vengeance trip against the people of Sosaria.

-Box Art -Screenshot of the Castle of Fire

I will post the second installment of my compilation within a few days covering the Age of Enlightenment and the next three installments in the series.
*Images taken from Ultima.wikia.com

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leilei Creator
leilei May 17 2010 says:

ultima... now that's a ripoff of final fantasy!!!!

-3 votes   reply to comment
chaosmaster4 Author
chaosmaster4 May 17 2010 replied:

BLASPHEMY! Ultima was out way before FF was!

+5 votes   reply to comment
leilei Creator
leilei May 17 2010 replied:


also, ultima online. big lame rip off of world of warcraft. ea what were you thinking!@?

-2 votes   reply to comment
chaosmaster4 Author
chaosmaster4 May 17 2010 replied:

Final Fantasy 1 was released on the 18th December 1987! Ultima 1 was released on the 2nd September 1980! I'm not going to argue between these two awesome games as they are the two best game lines I know! neither are better nor worse since they both started off in different times, under different circumstances!

And Ultima Online was also out before WoW. Were it not that Blizzard had made so many great games besides this massive monster, i would curse and burn the creators of world of warcraft! That damned game turned my friend into a wretched no life!

PS. its spellt Liar. And now this argument is reminding me of the warhammer vs warcraft one...

+3 votes   reply to comment
Shadow_Micha May 18 2010 replied:

Yeah, WoW sucks everybody's life into undead (one race in WoW) :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
OrangeNero May 17 2010 replied:

ULTIMA 1 in 1980 and 1986, FF1 1987. thats what i found and should be correct.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Salsa_Shark May 17 2010 says:

i love the box art, looks cool.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Genghis91 May 17 2010 replied:

DOS games i think always had better box art because these days it's all game grahpics and no imagination, wheres the fun? :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
chaosmaster4 Author
chaosmaster4 May 17 2010 replied:

I know what you mean, + you had the cool trinkets with each purchase =D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Hang-Lip Nov 19 2010 says:

Best game EVER. Ultima rules.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dungy Dec 6 2010 says:

Just as a heads up. The new address for the Ultima Wikia codex.ultimaaiera.com/wiki/Main_Page

I hope you can update your links accordingly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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