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List of Mods that members of the Cold War Modding Union are working on, and the links to them.

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Okay, felt this probably needed adding, so, i'll list out the mods that are being worked on, and a short summary of them, off their ModDB page (hope ye don't mind guys). If i've missed off anyone, please tell me, and i'll add it, or someone else can edit and add it. =P

#1 - Cold War Crisis (Command & Conquer: Generals Zerohour): Moddb.com

CWC is a C&C Generals Zero Hour Total Conversion. It takes place from 1980-1989 and it will feature realistic units from the 80's.


#2 - The Red Alert (Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3): Moddb.com

The Red Alert, under development by the mod team of C&C Labs, undertakes one of the most ambitious tasks in C&C modding: to recreate and improve upon an original game. The Red Alert, a mod in development for Red Alert 3, is based off the original Red Alert's art and game play.

Forums/site: Cnclabs.com

#3 - 1985 Mod (Halflife 2):http://www.moddb.com/mods/northern-ireland-pathfinder

Your eyes slowly adjust to the gloom but immediately start to sting. Dust and plaster has fallen down from the ceiling, and you taste it in your dry mouth. Slowly the ceiling lights flicker on as the emergency generator starts up, and people begin to pick themselves up... ...Its August 9th. You've just survived the biggest killer of man in history. In 30 minutes, 3.6 billion people have died across the globe. Unknown to you, the population of the UK has quartered, and will continue to drop. You think briefly of your family before being dragged onto your feet by your platoon sergeant... "Come on son, there's work to be done!" Comes the gruff voice from the dark... but not yet... for now we wait... in the dark...

Forums/Site: 1985-mod.com

#4 - Northern Ireland: Pathfinder (Halflife 2):http://www.moddb.com/mods/northern-ireland-pathfinder

Northern Ireland, 1984. The height of the Troubles, and the IRA's activity. You take the role of Corporal John Casey, a member of the Para's elite intelligence unit, the Pathfinder Platoon. (Possibly won't stay as this, due to storyline re-working).

Forums/Site: Crystalwolfstudios.com

Well, like i say, if i missed anyone off, i apoligise, and either edit what i've said to add it, or just ask Hendrix to do it. =P


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