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The Byzantine way to ensure the will of the people was carried out.

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The Byzantines Emperors passed down the title of Emperor to his eldest child as most kingdoms did at the time, but with a twist. You see, if the heir was corrupt or didn't have the best interest for his people the Byzantines could prevent them from becoming Emperor. At all the Byzantine coronations the army, the regular citizens, the church, and the senate had to voice their approval of the heir before he/she could lead them. If the heir did not get the full approval of the people the heir's most close relative would become Emperor. This safeguard prevented some openly corrupt people from becoming Emperor, however if they hid their corruption or became corrupted by the power of being a Emperor, it usually came to blows.
Despite it's flaws, I think this is the best form of monarchy the middle ages ever produced.

What do you think?

ElfFriend Creator

All forums of government are flawed in some way. power very often corrupts and if there is nobody can stop a corrupted person from gain even more power then there are some clear problems but this is a rather decent system for selecting an emperor. Of course it sort of creates a popularity race among the possible candidates but then that's pretty much how a democracy works except that anyone can become a leader in a democracy while here only some had that option. It's sort of saddening that they were conquered by the Ottoman Empire:( but then the Ottoman Empire wasn't too bad for its subjects so in a way it wasn't a complete loss for Constantinople as it got pretty much restored to its former glory. Source is ACR, yes I am aware that it could be wrong but Ubisoft does their research quite well so I rather certain its not wrong:D Also the last emperor probably died fighting for Constantinople among his men. Again according to the AC database:D

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templarnordbyzantine Author

The Ottomans kept the Byzantines alive as to be a living token of their victory but over the course of time the Turks treated the Byzantine remnants horribly, even now they are treated like dirt in Istanbul,(Constantinople)and the Turkish authorities do nothing to stop it.

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It is certainly a new/different way of passing down power to the next ruler. They seem to have a innovative thing for everything they do. Byzantine you told me once but i don't quite remember, how did the Turks first show "hatred" against the Byzantines?

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templarnordbyzantine Author

The Turks were already a "Little Corporal" empire in my opinion, but when the Turks converted to Islam they molded it into a fanatical reason to conquer.

In short, they hated the Byzantines because they were the opposite of them.

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