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Dec 5 2012 Anchor

So I've had a mod for skyrim for ages now on the Steam Workshop entitled "The Werewolf Book" it is a bunch of Earth lore based werewolf stories put into Skyrim including a small house and new potion ingredients. The house and potion ingredients were meant to be a quest but whenever I try and look up papyrus scripting (or other basic tasks such as adding a map marker) on the workshop help wiki thing I never find what I'm looking for, spend half an hour of frustration and end up abandoning the idea.

The general quest idea was to impliment another way of becoming a werewolf other than through the companions, through collecting certain ingredients added in the mod and performing a ritual as instructed in Vol. 5 in the mod. I was thinking about two different ways of approaching this, one being a magic wolf hide belt that transforms the wearer into a giant wolf (Earth Lore friendly) and the second being the evil spirit that you call upon bestows you of the power of a standard Skyrim werewolf, or maybe both. Nothing complex, if I knew what I was doing, or could easily find the information =P

The mod is out there though in its current state, there are either 24 or 25 hand typed volumes from The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings Second Edition by Brad Steiger, a few new potion ingredients and a small player house across the river from RIverwood, in a nice little clearing with a good view and all the crafting things you need, perfect for a beginner house, no map marker but it's not far from Riverwood.

Anyone else do any Skyrim modding? I have a couple other ideas, maybe some more book mods in the future as well.


Dec 5 2012 Anchor

Do you suggest to finish the game first before playing with mods? Can it denaturate your saved game? Are you able to remove them. Example: I want to put some chicks and a pink pony in the game with some mods. Can you remove it after you save your game?

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

There are so many different kinds of mods for Skyrim, and the game is so vast that can be a hard question to answer. I guess it all depends on what kind of mods you are looking for, there are a lot of mods out there (mostly weapons, armor, shouts, spells, that kind of thing) that are really interesting/fun, but can be overbalancing early game. I found a mod for Thor's hammer that I could make out of iron, the hammer itself was really heavy, I think it was about 50 pounds so it took a lot to weild it, but with the enchantment that it came with I was pretty much 1-hitting most guys (it would have been balanced late game though).

There are tons of mods which just try and enhance gameply by making graphics better, adding new varieties of enemies, adding new player houses, expanding towns, etc. that don't really have an impact on game balance. There are also a lot of great simple tweak mods that do simple changes such as making furs worth more to make hunting for furs viable if that's what you choose to do, there's mods that tell you what kind of mine it is, rather than just saying Mine Name it will say Mine Name (Iron).

Elder Scrolls games have always had such a variety of mods it is really hard to answer that question, personally I'd stay away from armor and weapons mods until you beat the game if you don't want it unbalanced. Then again, do you really ever beat Skyrim? I mean you can defeat Alduin, you can end the war (sort of) but none of this actually has any hard effects on the world, with all the randomly generated quests as well, Skyrim is a game that just keeps going and going.


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