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Jurrasic Park: The Game (Groups : Bundeals : Forum : Game Suggestion Box : Jurrasic Park: The Game) Locked
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Dec 1 2012, 1:03pm Anchor

This game plays a lot different from your standard point and click adventure game, but it is still fun, and if you don't mind dying, sometimes the death scenes can be the best part of the game. (as long as you're not dying over and over in the same spot)

So the story takes off right near the middle of the first movie, right when they were casting off the boat and Dennis Nedry got lost. This isn't really a spoiler because you find it out right away, but you are after the Barbasol can he was carrying.

Like any Jurrasic Park movie the game has a wide assortment of characters, and you get to control most of them at one point or another. The personalities on the characters are pretty well done, this is no B-grade rip off =P

The game has a mixture of exploration scenes and action scenes. Exploration scenes are the closest this game gets to your standard point and click, you look around the area, usually you can move from area to area, or character to character and investigate the scene before you which will lead to a solution to a puzzle. No using items on other items in this game, no clunky inventory, it's a way more casual game because of that, and you have to be in the right mood to play it. After exploration scenes there is usually an action scene, which is a button pushing sequence where you preform a variety of high action tasks such as running from dinosaurs.

Another good thing about the game is you can make choices on how it plays out. Which, to me is always a strong point in adventure type games, it makes the game feel more real and less staged, following a set path.

The game, beginning to end, including deaths took me about 10 hours, I've been considering a second playthrough just to see how some choices could make the game turn out differently. I'd fully recommend this game.

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Dec 1 2012, 3:33pm Anchor

Nice review. :thumbup:
Did you find a good deal on the game recently or is it one you've had for a while and just got around to playing?
I've been interested in this game for a while but have been waiting for a better price.

From your description it sounds like the game ends up having more of a choose your own adventure style to it.
I like the sound of that, though it's not something I've seen mentioned in other reviews.
Are there a lot of decision points in the game or just a few?

Dec 1 2012, 7:41pm Anchor

One I played a while ago when I got it on sale and just got around to reviewing. It seems to be just a few decision points like at the end there's a decision on what main action a main character is going to make (no spoilers) and when you pass button sequences as opposed to fail them, it changes what happens slightly it's hard to try and describe. I know the Walking Dead game is a good example of choosing how the game plays out but I haven't tried it yet.


Dec 5 2012, 10:06pm Anchor

I have walking dead: while I really love this game I didn't started to play seriously. The problem now is that I'm sure that at the Christmas sales, I'll be getting at least one more telltale game. Did you try some others? Sam & Max or Back to the future. Thank you for thid Jurassic park review.

Dec 5 2012, 10:08pm Anchor

I played Back to the Future, it was more of a standard point and click format instead of a bunch of action scenes, I hear The Walking Dead is good, haven't tried it yet, haven't gotten around to Sam & Max


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