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Jun 10 2012, 7:41am Anchor

seriously. i've gotten quite a bit of free stuff since i joined up. they have the raptr rewards program. just got a free copy of Rift which is awesome. add me my username is doctor_roxo

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Jun 10 2012, 8:37am Anchor

I've done that because of doctor_roxo ;), my account is Gardakan. I just got 50% off Tera. Too bad that some rewards are USA exclusive. The reward system is in beta only now but It's already great. The best is to come I suppose. I just saw that they were giving minecraft for Xbox in may now the codes are all gone, I wish I could have made my account before...

Jun 10 2012, 11:41am Anchor

well the logitech coupons were US exclusive but not they're not. just wait a bit i'd say.

yea the minecraft thing was a giveaway. which means you might not've got it. hopefully you'll get that free copy of Rift. also if you have a 360 add me if you'd like. brentsonier is my gamertag.


Jun 11 2012, 5:03am Anchor

I've been using Raptr for ages, but only as a multi messenger client, I hate having to run 3 programs when Raptr can do it with less resources than any of them singly...In other words, any special stuff like rewards and coupons and stuff is something I haven't even looked at or realized was there...the only thing I knew about was the game ranking system. Anyways my screen name is Kamosami, I think someone sent me a request....I thought I accepted it but I don't see them on my contact list and I can't remember who it was...

What's freaking me out is it tells me I need to play 245 more hours of Faerie Solitare to be the #1 player...who the hell plays THAT much Faerie Solitare, I mean it's a decent game and all but that's way too many hours of Solitare for me.


Jun 11 2012, 8:00am Anchor

ok i add you too mel. and it sounds like someone is playing that shit at work lol. damn that's a lot of solitare.


Jun 13 2012, 5:46am Anchor

Thanks for the heads up about raptr roxo, I signed up for it today, seems like they've got some nice rewards going.
I went ahead and added all 3 of you as friends.

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