(Any other groups will shortly be closed and any un-needed mod pages also as we are only going to keep this one open here to keep all our watcher's and supporters in one place):

"After previously closing down I have no re-opened this mod to ensure that it stays open as a dedication to the general public on here and to make this excitable mod with the community as a team"


Blue vs. Grey is attempting to re-create the American Civil War for the game Men of War which will be used to create a real-time strategy game.

The Team:

-DaggerClassstudio: Directing Lead Manager & Map Maker Leader (commissioned officer), & Public Relations Expert

-Chompster - Modeller
-Asureka - Skinner/Additional Mapping Artist
-Schachmatt[NL] - Photoshop/Additional Mapping Artist/Skinner-
-Rainie - Mapping Artist -

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